Tanner Foust - Ford interview 2009-07-22

This Week in Ford Racing July 22, 2009 After making its debut this weekend at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, the new Ford Fiesta heads to Los Angeles for ESPN's X Games 15 on August 2nd. Olsbergs Motor Sport Evolution along with...

This Week in Ford Racing
July 22, 2009

After making its debut this weekend at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, the new Ford Fiesta heads to Los Angeles for ESPN's X Games 15 on August 2nd. Olsbergs Motor Sport Evolution along with ROCKSTAR Energy Drink have fielded a three-car team with an all-star driver lineup that includes 2007 X Games Rally Gold Medalist and 2008 Formula Pro Drift Champion Tanner Foust. Foust talks about his X Games experience, and driving the new Ford Fiesta.

TANNER FOUST -2007 X Games Rally Gold Medalist

WHAT CAN PEOPLE EXPECT TO SEE AT THE X GAMES? "The X Games is kind of a wild event. First of all, ESPN has done an amazing job of taking a lot of sports that in some cases are in the shadows in the U.S. market, for example, Rally racing, which world wide is an extremely popular sport, but in the States we run the Rally America series a little bit in the shadows, in the forests, but we have fun with it. The X Games puts a spotlight on the sport and shows it to people in a way that's incredibly entertaining, but it also exposes them to what the sport is all about. For this course that we have set up, we essentially share a lot of the track time with the Supermoto bikes, so there's a lot of tarmac, asphalt sections that are very tight for the cars, and then, of course, there is a huge 70-foot gap where one car jumps over the other. It's actually a really fun ride."

HOW DID YOU GET INVOLVED WITH THE OLSBERGS MOTOR SPORT TEAM AND ROCKSTAR RACING? "I have been a fan of the Ford Racing movement with WRC for a very long time. I've been watching Marcus Grönholm's career, and watching Rally racing as a kid is what really got me into motorsports in general. Ford hasn't had much exposure here in the world of Rally in the U.S., and so it's been a long process trying to bring some of the technology that they have developed that's truly amazing in the WRC program to the States. The opportunity for Ford to break the Pikes Peak Hill Climb record is something, and the timing of the new Fiesta launch is something that has brought this new technology into the U.S. We wanted to take advantage of that. We are essentially taking these Pikes Peak Hill Climb cars, converting them for the X Games and making them into Rally cars. With Rockstar's help, we're turning those beasts into some X Games little monsters."

HAVE YOU HAD THE CHANCE TO DRIVE A NEW FIESTA? "I have. I've driven the new Fiesta, one of the ones that the Fiesta Movement agents have."

WHAT WERE YOUR THOUGHTS? "It's an exciting time. Okay, the economy is not the greatest right now and everybody's feeling this, but a big company like Ford has so many different divisions. The cars that are sold in Europe are sometimes not even like the cars sold in the States. Maybe they're meeting a different price point or whatever, I don't know the reason, but in a lot of cases, you get into a Ford in Europe and the brand there is a very high- end brand. This is actually a cool opportunity, because the Fiesta is now a World car, and we will be getting essentially the same car that is sold in Europe. The quality, the interior, the materials used, and the way it feels competes directly with Volkswagen. It feels like a Golf or a Jetta when you drive it, and it has this solid feeling that you seem to only get from European cars."

YOU'RE GOING TO BE A PART OF A THREE-CAR TEAM AT THE X GAMES. IS THAT AN ADVANTAGE? "I think having a multi-car team is a great advantage in X Games, because you all share the same parts. Having a multi-car team is great because you can share knowledge. We've got Kenny Brack, who's got so much experience in so many types of motorsports, that we'll be able to talk about what he thinks is quick and what works with these cars. We've got Brian Deegan, who will have by far more experience flying anything than Kenny Brack and I have, with his Motocross background. Hitting the jump for him will be like second nature, where Kenny Brack and I will be checking up on it and questioning ourselves a little bit. I've got experience in the X Games format itself, so maybe I can lend some words of advice just on that bracket racing style that others on my team might not have so much experience with. You can take kind of the best experience from each driver, and hopefully apply them to the whole team so that we all have a better chance of winning."

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