Incredible - Paul Dallenbach onboard camera view of his terrifying crash

Absolutely amazing not only did the Gopro attached to the rear wing of Paul Dallenbach's car survive the crash, somebody actually found it. As this video demonstrates Paul had absolutely no time to react when his throttle stuck wide open.

If you are the only one that has not seen this scary crash from the spectators perspective, click this link to watch them


In the video below you can see Paul hard at work behind the wheel in during his 3rd practice run on the middle section of the 2012 Pike's Peak Hillclimb course. Fighting a power-robbing boost leak that had not yet been diagnosed and corrected, Paul still managed to close within two seconds of the section time set by the Dacia of JP Dayraut.The team managed to correct the boost leak and was packing the car's full Banks turbocharged 1,400HP on race day.

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