RACE: Runoffs 97-JPMD #7: USRRC and more



Valvoline Runoffs '97

Copyright (c) 1997 John P. M. Dillon

Preface: I don't have any results to upload tonight; return from Cleveland was way too late, but more in another posting in a bit.

Additional feature of the new scoring building:  it has a great patio,
but needs more decking.  "And a hot tub would be nice!" said the
Timing and Scoring crew.  "Due to space, the macarena was left behind
in the old building."  ("Thank God!" added one specialty chief.)

Chip Van Vurst, SSC Miata driver, is here for the second year. "Last year was very frustrating; very little track time, hard to learn this course." He thinks Mid-Ohio is a wonderful circuit, very technical, but you need seat time to be successful here. "I ran here two weeks ago at a BMW meet so I could get familiar with the track."

Joel Duvall said "I'm here just to have a good time" and he appeared to be doing so, a sentiment echoed by Fred Cummings. "We're having a wonderful time; this is my 30th year of the SCCA, and I've spent many of those years officiating at the Runoffs." This is, however, the first year that Charlie Earwood has NOT attended the Runoffs.

Joanne Jensen reports she's also having a good time. "It's great to see all the cards and friends again. I'm specifically proud of the high level of SoPac participation of drivers and workers. That kind of exposure is good for us the division and the workers both."

Joanne provided the following information about USRRC. "The SCCA is forming another organization called the USRRC, which is one of our registered trademarks, with details still to be determined, for series with Can-Am and GT Sedans. The Can-Am series is designed around the WSC cars. SCCA Pro continues to be responsible for the Trans-Am series under the aegis of the Trans-Am Council led by Les Richter. USRRC will be wholly owned by SCCA, but the marketing partner is Daytona."

She goes on, "This is a brand new thing, an outgrowth of Andy Evans wanting to lease the Trans-Am name and the competitors wanting us to address other Trans-Am issues. Here's a golden opportunity for us to do the right thing for our organization and our competitors. The guy who's spearheaded this is Nick Craw. He's really worked hard on it, it seems like 48 hours a day! To cap it off, Bill France has offered us the Daytona 24-hour event."

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