PTG BMW Notes Hour 12

PTG BMW M3 TEAM Notes & quotes Saturday...Race 2-2-2 3:30 p.m.; Car ...

PTG BMW M3 TEAM Notes & quotes Saturday...Race 2-2-2

3:30 p.m.; Car #6 spins off course in Turn 1, losing the front spoiler and other pieces of bodywork. Quester brings the car into the pits and it is sent behind the wall for repairs. The radiator was pushed into the oil pump pulley in the incident. So a new radiator is installed. Ducting and the nose support are repaired. The car returns to the race several laps down.

Dieter Quester on the incident: "I did not expect the sports car (World Sports Car) to overtake me there. He went inside me and I had to move to the outside. There was a lot of gravel there and it was very slippery. I got into the gravel and spun off."

4:00 p.m.; Derek Hill; Car #7; after his first stint in the car (a single shift.): "The car is getting very loose, so it is hard to put down the power. You have to be careful how you apply the throttle. It's the time of day where you have to have faith in your pace."

4:57 p.m.; Car #6 into the pits and is said to be headed behind the wall.

5:09 p.m.; Car #6 is pushed behind the wall and the mechanics report that it is out -- due to a blown head gasket.

6:20 p.m.; P.D. Cunningham reports that as a result of Car #6 being withdrawn he will be added to the driving lineup in Car #10, joining Auberlen, Duez and Said. Mark Simo will be moving to Car #7, joining Hill, Bentley, Delano and Petery.

6:55 p.m.; Car #10 is passed while in the pits, losing the lead for the first time in the race. Duez was hit before pitting.Cunningham gets in, does one lap and comes in with a broken left steering arm -- apparently the result of Duez having been hit. Cunningham reports that the car turned left really well, but didn't want to turn right. Then, entering NASCAR Turn 2 the car suddenly shot up the banking toward the wall. He pitted immediately for repairs. Later, his eyes get very large as he tells friends how rapidly the car turned toward the solid concrete wall. The car went back out at 7:12 p.m. with Auberlen at the wheel.

Andy Peterey; Car #7: "The Panoz cars are aggressively driven and difficult to see, because they are so low -- below door level. You've got to feel them when they pass, because you can't see them.You feel the vacuum when they're beside you. The worst time was driving through sunset."

Almost exactly at the stroke of midnight, Car #7 coasts down pit lane. The crew changes the broken throttle cable and Bentley relieves Simo. He's scheduled to do a double shift during the cool temperatures.The car was sixth in GT-3 at the time. Car #10 was second in the class at the time, and moving up.

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