BGTC: VRS Motor Finance Brands Hatch race notes

VRS Motor Finance race report for Brands Hatch. Practice : It was apparent early on that the VRS Motor Finance Ferrari wasn't running completely on form this weekend, but the team would be unable to fix the problem for the whole weekend and...

VRS Motor Finance race report for Brands Hatch.

Practice :

It was apparent early on that the VRS Motor Finance Ferrari wasn't running completely on form this weekend, but the team would be unable to fix the problem for the whole weekend and had to make the best of what they had, a slight misfire on the engine would be the cause of the problem.

Qualifying :

For the qualifying sessions Phil Burton qualified first and set a time good enough for 10th place on the grid for race 1, Adam as usual ran in qualifying session 2 and despite being unable to get a clear lap in set a time that would line him up in 4th place for Sunday's Race 2 " I got traffic on my best laps when the tyres were at their best, but that's how it goes, all things considered I am please to be starting Race 2 from the 2nd row on the grid " Commented Adam.

Race 1 :

Phil Burton would start Race 1, was was up to 8th place by the 3rd lap, and lapping consistently until a safety car was deployed after around 1 minutes of racing, a quick restart and the race was back on, only to have a second safety car due to another accident on the circuit, by the time the second safety car have been withdrawn and the race had restarted there was only 2 minutes until the pit window opened so Phil pitted and the VRS Motor Finance team done a great job of the stop, Adam was in the car with the engine running with plenty of time.

Phil had brought the car in right behind the #23 Ferrari F430 GT3 of CIM and it was a close call who would get out on track first, the #23 Ferrari just getting out ahead of Adam in the VRS Ferrari, Allan Simonsen was now onboard the #23 car and Adam and Allan were hounding the Aston Martin of Bentwood for 2/3/4th place, there was contact between Simonsen and the Aston Martin and Adam saw his chance to put the VRS Ferrari on the inside of the #23 car at Clearways and moved up into 3rd place, after spending a few laps chasing down the Aston Martin, whilst trying to keep the #23 Ferrari of Simonsen behind they started to lap back markers.

" I caught up the GTC Porsche of Graham Mundy and he moved over at Stirling behind to let me by, giving me just enough room to squeeze past, as I was at the apex of the corner Simonsen rammed me up the back in a desperate attempt to overtake and knocked me wide, he came past and the rear bumper of my car was now rubbing on the left hand rear tyre, the car felt like it was crabbing slightly and after one lap the tyre blew out and I was sent into a spin at Paddock Hill bend and into the gravel trap", the race was red flagged becuase of the position of the car on the track and all results were put back to a lap before so the VRS machine was classified as 4th.

...But the VRS Ferrari was later removed from the results after the Clerk of the Course decided that because the VRS Motor Finance car was ' not running when the red flag was shown ' it should be removed. " In 23 years of racing I have never heard of that one before ! What a shame it was a great race and even with our small problem I had the pace to catch 2nd place and could have had a shot at overtaking had Simonsen gave me room, maybe he could have got by him too " Commented Adam.

Warm up :

Sunday Morning warm up was damp, and Adam set the 3rd Fastest time, " To be honest I thought it was a better lap than the time reflected, but I will put it down to the conditions ".

Race 2 :

Adam would line up 4th for Race 2 and and as the lights went green held position until the first corner, " I turned into Paddock and though something wasn't quite right as the car suddenly snapped into oversteer and the #3 Aston Martin was able to get by demoting me to 5th place" The pace of the Ferrari was clearly out of character and slipped down the order to 7th place, " The cars handling was dreadful, something was clearly wrong and I was holding some cars up so I let the Mosler of Ian Flux come by so I didn't have to defend and lose time in doing so, which is hindsight was a mistake because although initially he pulled away after 4 laps developed a misfire and then wasn't so kind to return the favor when the tables were turned and I now was losing time with him blocking me for several laps, still you live and learn ", after 35 minutes came into hand over to Phil Burton the ill handling Ferrari F430 GT3 and Phil took to the circuit in 7th place, and made his way up to 6th place after several laps settings times again reflecting the not so hot pace of the Ferrari, with 3 laps to go an Ascari and Porsche were all over the back of Phil, but he managed to hold both cars off and bring the car home a well earned 6th place.


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