Miedecke Motorsport expands Aston GT programme

Miedecke Motorsport will run three Aston Martin GT cars across Australia and Asia, after acquiring two Vantage GT3s from Craft-Bamboo Racing.

Miedecke Motorsport expands Aston GT programme
#99 Craft-Bamboo Aston Martin: Darryl O’Young, Daniel Lloyd
#99 Craft-Bamboo Aston Martin: Darryl O’Young, Daniel Lloyd
#99 Craft-Bamboo Racing Aston Martin Vantage V12 GT3: Darryl O’Young, Jonathan Venter
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The Miedecke family squad, which runs in conjunction with Matt Stone Racing, recently bought an ex-Tony Quinn Vantage to use in the Australian GT Championship. And it will now add two more cars to its line-up, as well as expanding its programme into the GT Asia Series.

The two ex-Craft-Bamboo cars will be run in the Australian GT Championship, while the Vantage that is currently in Australia will be shipped to Asia.

“The reason we didn’t send the Craft-Bamboo cars to GT Asia is that Matt [Stone] and I decided that we wanted to run the cars ourselves first and get a good grasp of how everything works, whereas with the car we have now – which was new at the start of the 2013 Australian GT championship – is a known quantity to us,” said Andrew Miedecke.

“Matt and I have been talking about opportunities to expand both our operations with this arrangement with the Astons, and I think my experience with business, together with his experience in running race winning cars is a perfect fit.”

In terms of drivers, Andrew and son George Miedecke will share one of the Vantages in Australia, while George and a co-driver will run together in Asia. The vacant spots are still up for grabs.

“We’re talking to a number of drivers from both Asia and Australia, and hope to announce George’s co-driver soon,” added Andrew Miedecke.

“He and I will continue to run one of the Craft-Bamboo cars in Australia with Matt at the helm, but the line-up for the second car we’re still negotiating, although the long-term plan is to have two cars in Australia, and two in GT Asia.”

Official Aston Martin deal

The expansion will also see the Miedeckes become an official Aston Martin Racing partner for the Asia region, which means providing support and parts to other competitors running Astons.

“I’ve always felt that done properly, motorsport can be a successful business, and this opportunity with two of the best cars in the region has effectively opened the door for me to explore that,” Miedecke admitted.

“Very definitely my motivation is business.

“I’m lucky enough that my established business doesn’t need me full time any more, and my passion for motorsport has well and truly returned.

“I can see the value of building a business in Asia with Matt, with the expansion of the sport in the region, and the opportunity to provide the skills and knowledge that we bring, can be invaluable to an amateur driver who wants to be competitive and enjoy their sport.

“It also opens a path too, to Australian drivers that want to look at the Asian series, as we have cars here in Australia they can test that to all intents and purposes will be identical to those we have in Asia.”

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