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Most recently uploaded Grand-Am photos:

Rob Dyson waits to start Dyson Team on podium
Baldi Waits to start #62 Team Spencer Motorsports Mazda Kudzu
Archangel Motorsports #22 NASCAR racing legend Richard Petty chats with Rob Dyson before the start
Routine engine change Andy Lally leads the #88 Porschehaus Nissan Lola
Team Spencer Motorsports not only earned the SRPII title at Watkins Glen, but also earned a place on the overall podium by finishing third A pack of SRPs weaver their way through the esses
The Doran Lista Racing team watches the race from the pits on the big screen TV
Let it flow 1st for Petty and Andretti
GTS top finishers SRP top finishers
Mauro tries his hat Victory Circle for team Dyson
Problems for Dyson at the end Corvette flame
Saleen #5 Andretti's look on
Dyson's #20
Saleen #5
Andretti at the start Kyle Petty
Andretti and Petty victory The row people
James Weaver waits to start Kyle Petty
# 81 off at turn 11 # 81 turn 11 fire
# 16 leads into turn 11 # 92 overtaking at turn 1
# 5 Saleen at turn 11 #09 Corvette flames at turn 1
# 25 - SRPII Dyson Racing # 16
Robinson Racing #74 at practice Ben Devlin
Didier Theys Chris Dyson
John and Kyle BMW M3 Jet Motorsport
EFR Leads Porsche Gunnar Racing