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Chronological Grand-Am photos :

The 2002 Crawford SSC2K GrandAm Prototype grandam-2001-tr-tm-0101
grandam-2001-tr-tm-0102 grandam-2001-tr-tm-0103
grandam-2001-tr-tm-0104 grandam-2001-tr-tm-0105
grandam-2001-tr-tm-0301 grandam-2001-tr-tm-0302
grandam-2001-tr-tm-0303 grandam-2001-tr-tm-0304
grandam-2001-tr-tm-0305 grandam-2001-tr-tm-0306
grandam-2001-tr-tm-0307 grandam-2001-tr-tm-0309
grandam-2001-tr-tm-0310 grandam-2001-tr-tm-0201
grandam-2001-tr-tm-0202 grandam-2001-tr-tm-0203
grandam-2001-tr-tm-0204 grandam-2001-tr-tm-0205
grandam-2001-tr-tm-0206 grandam-2001-tr-tm-0207
grandam-2001-tr-tm-0208 grandam-2001-tr-tm-0401
grandam-2001-tr-tm-0402 grandam-2001-tr-tm-0403
grandam-2001-tr-tm-0404 grandam-2001-tr-tm-0405
grandam-2001-tr-tm-0406 grandam-2001-tr-tm-0407
grandam-2001-tr-tm-0408 grandam-2001-tr-tm-0409
The Doran Lista Racing Judd Ferrari EFR pilots the #20 Dyson Racing Team Ford Riley & Scott
The Intersport Racing Judd Lola stops on the track just after taking the green flag with halfshaft woes
Didier Theys watches his co-drivers in the Doran Lista Racing
Didier Theys pilots the Doran Lista Racing Judd Ferrari #25 Nissan Lola races past a Canada sign
Multimatic Motorsports on the grid