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Chronological Grand-Am photos :

Marcos Mantis heads to technical inspection Porsche GT3 R
Dodge Viper Porsche GT3 R
Ferrari of Washington Ferrari 360GT GTS class Dodge Viper
Unpainted carbon fiber GTS winning Jaguar (Gentilozzi/Brian Simo/Pruett/Lauer)
Judd-powered R&S (Baldwin/Robinson/Stewart/Dallenbach Jr./Mark Simo) Dyson Ford-powered Riley and Scott on the grid
Max Papis' helmet rests on the winning Judd-powered Dallara
Dyson No. 20 on grid Porsche GT1 (Empringham/Spenard)
Porsche GT1 Saleen S7R (Binghan/MacLeod/Gaughram)
Chris Bingham on right Konrad Saleen
BMW-powered Picchio (Law/Trentini/Wagner/Marshall) Saleen S7R (Kitch/Bentley/Lambert/Gaylord)
Randy Pobst
Porsche GT3 R Porsche GT3 R (Petty/Baron/Hindrey/Borkowski)
Kyle Petty with teammates Strapping in on the grid
Mosler on grid In the garage before sundown
Daytona, we have a problem Rain tires went unused this year
Two types of headlights Judd V-10
Early retirement Wanna take a spin?
Another early retirement Mosler side view
Seikel Motorsport The Racer's Group GT3 R
Smiling before the start The Racer's Group GT3 R on the grid
BMW M3 and Porsche GT3 R The Racer's Group GT3 R in trouble
Ferrari 360GT BMW M3
Porsche GT3 R Porsche GT3 R
Marcos Mantis Marcos Mantis