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Chronological Grand-Am photos :

Autograph session Autograph session
Stefan Johansson signing autograph Drivers meeting
Drivers meeting The Ford Thunderbird pace car leads the field on the pace lap for the 2002 Rolex 24 at Daytona
Didier Theys taking the lead as the field races into turn one at the start of the Rolex 24 at Daytona Didier Theys in the #27 Judd Dallara leads a pack of cars out of the infield
The #12 Ultima GTR belches flames as it tries to restart after spinning in the chicane in the early stages of the Rolex 24 at Daytona The #74 Judd Riley & Scott speeds through Daytona's East banking
As the sun began to set at Daytona, the #36 Elan Riley & Scott was battling for the lead
Headlights came on as darkness fell The #38 Porsche Lola's colors shone brightly under the lights
A pair of Grand-American sports cars race under the Rolex flag as the sun sets
The #27 Judd Dallara continued to run strong as night fell TVR Tom Volk Racing Riley and Scott
TVR Chevrolet Riley and Scott Marino Franchitti's Rolex ride
The Racer's Group GT3 R Larry Schumacher's Porsche ride
The Racer's Group Porsches
Buckler/Schrom/Bernhard/Bergmeister Marcos Mantis
Dyson's No. 16 (Weaver/Leitzinger/Gavin) Dyson's No. 20 (Dyson/Dyson/EFR/Schroeder) heads to tech inspection
Ferrari of Washington (D.C.) was driven by NASCAR's Derrike Cope Empringham/Spenard Porsche GT1
No. 37 Lola Judd (Field/Durand/Dayton) Porsche 996 (Riccitelli/Quester/Voss/B. Said)
No. 30 Lola Judd (J. Field/C. Field/Neuhaus/Oberto) SRP class BMW-powered Ascari
Konrad Saleen S7R Cockpit of Ascari BMW (Collins/Zwart/Vann)
Mosler MT 900R (Barbosa/Perrier/Neugarten) No. 92 Porsche GT3 R
BMW M3 Porsche and Saleen
Porsche GT3 R (Casadel/Sanguiolo/Wilton/Clark) Saleen S7R of Lister and Youles
Cockpit of unpainted Saleen Marcos Mantis heads to technical inspection
Porsche GT3 R Dodge Viper
Porsche GT3 R Ferrari of Washington Ferrari 360GT