Watkins Glen: Specter Werkes race report

Specter Werkes/Sports' Day at the Glen Ends Early Contact sends the ...

Specter Werkes/Sports' Day at the Glen Ends Early
Contact sends the #24 Cauley Corvette GTR Presented by Highlander to the garage

Watkins Glen N.Y. -- June 20, 2004 The #24 Cauley Corvette GTR presented by Highlander parlayed a fantastic start into a 5th in class and 17th overall position within the first hour of Sunday's Rolex Sports Car Series Sahlen's Six Hours of the Glen.

In a race that saw two cautions within the first four laps, Tom Bambard performed flawlessly moving through the pack on each of the several restarts. On lap 15 a full course caution was called. As the #24 car came through turn one the pace car pulled on course. Observing the yellow flags, and braking for the pace car, Tom was suddenly struck in the rear left quarter by the #34 car. While trying to regain control of the car the #36 car hit the #24's right rear spinning the car also damaging the front.

After the car was retrieved and returned the garage it was determined the car could not be repaired in time to resume the race.

"I'm not sure why the #34 car was still on the power," said Tom. "The double yellow flags were out. I was a little taken back by the pace car's entry onto the track in front of me--. but the #34 was clearly still on the power. I tried to correct after the impact but unfortunately we were now in the path of one of the Porsches with nowhere to go. The #36 car hit us pretty hard and sent me spinning all over again."

"I don't know," continued Bambard, "the #34 car could not have been paying attention to hit us that hard. I saw him go spinning into the wall so he obviously didn't help himself any either. It's really too bad-- our car was performing very well and we had an excellent start. My times were coming up and I think we were going to be pretty competitive. It's too bad to be out so early."

Co-driver Jeff Nowicki also expressed disappointment.

"I can't believe this." Said Nowicki. "The crew has toughed out an entire weekend of hard luck and now this. To go through all this and not even get behind the wheel is really hard to take. It's just so frustrating-- to have your day ended because someone can't pay attention to basic flag rules just doesn't make sense."

"We'll get the car back to the shop," continued Nowicki, "assess the damage and start getting it ready for Mid-Ohio. I'd much rather be making improvements than making repairs-- but, these are the cards we were dealt. We'll fight back."

The team's next scheduled appearance is at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, August 6-7 for the Mid-Ohio Road Racing Classic.


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