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Butch Leitzinger -- ...

Butch Leitzinger -- #16 Dyson Racing Team Ford R&S - 1st place in SRP and overall -- "It went great. James gave me the car halfway through and we were in very good shape. We made a pit stop kind of hoping that there would be a yellow flag, because it was a little bit early to make the rest of the way on gas. I kept going on without the yellow flag and they kept telling me to conserve fuel, so I was shifting in lower and lower RPMs and it was still not enough. I started coasting halfway up the straights sometimes to conserve fuel so I went on reserve. We had one gallon of reserve and I went on that a lap and a half from the end of the race. They just strained the fuel tank and we had a quart of fuel left, so it was very close. It was nice, the car was fantastic and the team played the strategy perfectly."

Mauro Baldi -- #27 Lista Doran Racing Judd Ferrari -- 2nd place overall and SRP -- "Our problems started early in the race, not late in the race. We spent a little time in the pits to repair the nose and that may be the key to second place. The car was good. In these short races, these little accidents can happen and there is so much difference in speed between the GT car and our car and they cannot see us arriving. And, this Porsche (#81) didn't see me in the corner and that was a problem. Second position was not what we were looking for but we accepted the result."

David Sterenberg #21 Archangel Motorsport Services Nissan Lola -- 1st place in SRPII -- "Actually, Ben was the star today. We just tried to keep the car in position and a in a position to run at the end. We got some great pit strategy from the team. We had a transmission break last night and we didn't even think we would be able to run today. The guys did a great job putting it back together. Ben was able to drive it to the front once we got the car in good shape at halfway point."

Robert Julien -- #89 Porschehaus Racing Nissan Lola -- 2nd place SRPII - "We had a good run actually. Unfortunately, we were forced to pit under green and we ended up back in second place. But, we had a hell of a nice evening.

Bruno St. Jacques -- #89 Porschehaus Racing Nissan Lola -- 2nd place SRPII -- "It was great. Too bad we had to pit under green on that last pit stop because we had an incredible rhythm. But those things happen and we'll take second."

John Andretti -- #45 Orbit Porsche GT3 R - 1st place in GT - "It was exciting. We had a good time. I was pushing real hard, and the competition is really tough. We just had a good time. The harder I pushed, I seemed to catch traffic. It was unfortunate that some things happened, but that happens in racing. We had a good time. Kyle invited me to do this and I want to thank Leo and the team."

Kyle Petty -- #45 Orbit Porsche GT3 R - 1st place in GT - "Like I said yesterday, we struggled with heat problems once we first got here. Once they corrected that, then the fuel injection was leaning the car out, we struggled with that. It was so slow that John said he didn't want to qualify. When I went to qualify, I ended up dead last. When we changed engines, John went out first thing and ran some incredible laps. The car was good and Orbit racing put a great car under us. John did an incredible job. Thanks to everyone in Orbit Racing. They put three or four cars in the top five or six anyhow. They let me drive with them at Daytona, and I had a great time. Thanks again to Orbit Racing for letting us be a part of this."


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