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Andy Wallace - #20 SRP Norcold/Theford/Goodyear Ford Riley & Scott - Fastest Qualifier - "I'm always happy to come to Watkins Glen. I have a great time and it's one of my favorite circuits. I haven't really done much running in the wet and I didn't see much of that lap but it was very very exciting. Dyson Racing Riley & Scott is such a fantastic car especially when conditions are changeable like this weekend. It's got a lot of down force and it's a very nice car to drive. I'm very happy to be here. I can't wait for tomorrow's race."

Rob Dyson - #20 SRP Norcold/Theford/Goodyear Ford Riley & Scott - Owner & Co-Driver Fastest Qualifier - "It was a pretty short session. By the time I got down there it was over. They came up and said they wanted Andy & I at the media tent. It's actually Andy (Wallace), Elliot Forbes-Robinson and myself in the car tomorrow. It was obviously a difficult session for anyone trying to get a good time and rhythm because they kept starting and stopping it (due to weather and incidents). I still don't believe our 16 car with Butch (Leitzinger) and James (Weaver) even got a time and if they did, only a lap or two. Obviously we'll take it (pole position) when it comes. As I told Andy, our object tomorrow is to maintain position. Congratulations to Didier (Theys).

Didier Theys - #27 SRP Lista/Yokohama Judd Ferrari -Second Fastest Qualifier- "I only had one fine lap. I think I only did two laps all together. My first lap was pretty bad on traffic. I tried to go around those cars on the straight-aways. I had a decent lap on the second lap. I started a third lap, then I saw a black flag in one of the corners (black flag for #54 Yokohama/Jet Ventures/Hella/Castrol Oil BMW M3 off course in turn 9). I only had one decent lap."

Terry Borcheller - #54 GT Yokohama/Jet Ventures/Hella/Catrol Oil BMW M3 - Third Fastest Qualifier Overall, First In Class, Also Brought Out The Black Flag For An Incident In Turn Nine - "The track was really good when it was wet at the beginning, then after we had the black flag and it down poured again I was just going too fast too soon. The track was still real good. There was still a couple of puddles that weren't there before and just hit a puddle and that was it."

Robert Julien - #89 SRPII Kolter Property/L2 Metal/Goodyear/Hawk Brake Nissan Lola - Fourth Fastest Qualifier Overall, First In Class - "It (the car) felt pretty good actually. The Glen is a fun track, but with the guardrails around, it's tricky. I wanted to be careful, but I also wanted the pole position in our class. I was able to do a quick lap at the beginning, and it was OK at the end. So I am pretty happy."

Larry Schumacher - #99 GTS Schumacher Racing Porsche GT1 - Commenting About His Incident During Qualifying - "It was raining obviously, and there's a bit of a stream that runs through that little gully at the bottom of the hill, and I hit it. The back end came loose and I went for a long slide. We don't have another rear piece. There is very few of these cars in existence, there is someone in Canada that might or might not loan one to us, if they do we are back in."


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