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Darren Law, ...

Darren Law, #81 Motorola/Valley Group Porsche GT3R - Commenting On Friday Night's Practice Session - "It went great. Probably could have been quicker for us. We were putting our car back together. It wasn't that dark that you couldn't see or anything so it was pretty good. Do you think you got enough practice time in? Practice time was a little limited and weather hurt that as well. For us that's good. For us, we got a car that we won last year with. We got a setup that we came out of the box in pretty good shape. So it was good. Tomorrow's race will be starting in the afternoon and going into the evening, does that present a whole new set of challenges? There's a lot of different factors. Number one, the weather obviously gets cooler. The track changes. The grip level changes. Number two, who ever gets the dusk stint when the sun coming down, you have a real problem seeing in some of the corners. Do you feel tonight's practice is going to be a valuable tool for tomorrow's race? This is the first time we have run in the evening conditions so this will be helpful."

George Robinson, #74 74 Ranch Resort Judd R&S - Commenting on his evening practice accident in turn 11 - "I'm trying to go and find out right now. The car basically didn't stop. I don't know. The throttle stuck. For a new car, we were sorting things out. These are some of the growing pains you have with a new car. We'll run our old car tomorrow. It's a great car so we'll be alright."

James Weaver, #16 Norcold/Thetford/Goodyear Ford R&S - When asked how the car handled in practice - "It was running great. We've always had a good car here. We're looking forward to the race. When asked about the differences in the track between morning and afternoon practice - There is still water bleeding up through the track after the Chicane and the next left as you go onto the boot so it's a little there slippery there, but other then that it's about the same as it was this morning."

Andy Wallace, #20 Norcold/Thetford/Goodyear Ford R&S - "The race is going to end at 8:30 tomorrow and it won't be dark. When you're actually driving in it, it can get quite dark and quite fast almost without you noticing it. It would have to get completely dark for it to be a problem. Anything can happen tomorrow, there's a lot of traffic, but we have the pole position. It will help us early, but later on we still deal with the slower cars. We are pretty happy with the setup. It's not easy to win these races, but it will be fun."


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