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Butch Leitzinger, ...

Butch Leitzinger, #16 Dyson Racing Riley & Scott - Winner SR Class - It's wonderful. James and Pat Smith and the team who's been here all year did a great job getting the car prepared and Andy and I came in here as seat fillers and you could not ask for a better team to drive for. We had a lot of fun and it's always nice to run for Dyson.

James Weaver, #16 Dyson Racing Riley & Scott - Winner SR Class -- Watkins Glen is very much our home track even though Lime Rock is actually our nearest track geographically, so it's great and it's always great to race here. The biggest threat to us was the 37 car, even though the 74 car is always a threat, so we beat them thanks to my hero (Leitzinger).

Andy Wallace, #16 Dyson Racing Riley & Scott - Winner SR Class -- It feels really great. This is one of the endurance races that I haven't won before. I'm very happy about that and it's good for the team, good for James to win the championship and also a good finish to the season for us. We knew we didn't have enough gas to make it after the four-tire stop with about 45 minutes left. We were about 3½ gallons short so we just came in then because it was a good time to do it. After that we knew that we could go the distance from there.

Jon Field, #37 SportsRacer Intersport Racing Judd-Lola - Second Place SR -- It is really good for the team to finish the year out with a second place finish. It's just awesome. It really helps to get us geared up to go into next year and to be optimistic about next year. I'm very happy. If maybe that caution had come a couple of laps early it would have been better, but we will take it second place.

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