Watkins Glen: Bell Motorsports race report

Kodak EasyShare Team Finishes Ninth in Sahlen's Six Hours of the Glen Sunday WATKINS GLEN, N.Y., June 20 - Terry Borcheller was one of eight drivers to lead Sunday's Sahlen's Six Hours of the Glen at Watkins Glen International, which was a ...

Kodak EasyShare Team Finishes Ninth in Sahlen's Six Hours of the Glen Sunday

WATKINS GLEN, N.Y., June 20 - Terry Borcheller was one of eight drivers to lead Sunday's Sahlen's Six Hours of the Glen at Watkins Glen International, which was a remarkable accomplishment considering the team was next to last at the end of lap one.

His stirring drive was thwarted later by contact with a Maserati, but at the end the Gainesville, Ga.-based driver and co-drivers Forest Barber of Fort Worth and Andy Pilgrim of Delray Beach, Fla. still scrambled back up to finish ninth in Bell Motorsports' Kodak EasyShare DORAN JE4 Pontiac #54.

Barber had the unfortunate experience of getting hit by another car on the very first lap, which has happened to him two other times this year. This time the contact was with the Essex Racing Multimatic Ford, but Barber was able to make it back into the pits on his own despite a cut Goodyear.

A bit later Barber was hit again, this time by a Porsche, with the result being another cut tire. He turned the car over to Borcheller at that point. Although Barber said he was getting the feeling it wasn't his day, he still said that he had fun.

It was also fun for everyone to watch Borcheller make another one of his amazing runs up the scoreboard, especially when he actually led laps 74 through 77.

The incident with the Maserati occurred on lap 82, about three hours and 20 minutes into the six-hour race. When Borcheller pitted for repairs the damage was such that the crew had trouble getting the left front wheel off, and the team went down a lap.

Pilgrim relieved Borcheller at that point and drove for about an hour and a half. Team owner Jim Bell put Borcheller back in the car for the final 45 minutes, and Borcheller took the checkered in ninth place, two laps behind the winning CompUSA Riley Lexus of Max Papis and Scott Pruett.

The event was televised on SPEED.

Additional information can be found on Feeds the Need Racing's Web site at www.feedstheneedracing.com or on the new Grand American section of Kodak's Web site at www.Kodak.com/US/en/consumer/garr/. Borcheller's Web site is at www.tborcheller.com, while Pilgrim's is at www.andypilgrim.com. Other sites to check out include www.grandamerican.com, www.speedtv.com, www.theglen.com and www.restartcommunications.com.

Driver quotes follow:

FOREST BARBER (right after he got out of car): "I can't believe I got hit on the first lap again! The Essex car hit me and we cut a tire. The car is not handling right right now, especially in the Bus Stop. The second time I came in was because a Porsche hit me and cut one of my rear tires. So far it's not my day, but I can still say I'm having fun! Terry [Borcheller] is in the car now, and he'll do a great job, as always."

FOREST BARBER (with the race about two-thirds complete): "Terry [Borcheller] got out about 3 o'clock and Andy [Pilgrim] is in the Kodak EasyShare car now. Terry had contact with the #33 Maserati on the course, and we had wheel hub damage. We couldn't get the left front wheel off easily when we stopped, and that's why we lost some positions. It's a shame as hard as Terry worked. He came from 28th or something to lead. But we're still in the top 10."

TERRY BORCHELLER: "In the turn after the Bus Stop there was contact between me and the #33 Maserati, but instead of just easing off, the guy just rammed me. It was like he was saying, "Oh yeah!" instead of just easing off and letting us both avoid anything further. It was upsetting, especially after we came from far back to lead the race. But the car isn't too bad really; we have a slight push, that's all."

ANDY PILGRIM: "Terry [Borcheller] did a brilliant job. That one little incident with the Maserati cost us a lap. Terry blames himself, but that's just racing. I'm very disappointed for Terry and the entire Kodak EasyShare team. When I was in the car it was a little beat up; it really wasn't too bad, but it didn't feel very good. I was being very conservative and just trying to bring it back in one piece.

"I only got seven laps in practice. When I was in the car during the race it felt like five minutes had gone by but really it was an hour and a half. I was in there longer than I thought, so I was enjoying myself.

"It's the first time I've driven at the Glen since 1997. And it wasn't a bad day considering that we came from last at the beginning of the race to lead the race and still finish in the top 10. When you think about it that way, it was really good. It's always good to be back with the Daytona-winning Bell crew. It's a great team, with really good people."


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