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VIR 500 Driver Quotes Andy Wallace, Dyson Racing Team, ...

VIR 500 Driver Quotes

Andy Wallace, Dyson Racing Team, #16 Judd Crawford
Overall and SRP Winner

"It ran beautifully. It did a 500-mile race and won the race and I'm very happy for all the Crawford and the Dyson racing people. It's the first win for the car, there were a few problems but there always are. Its great the team did a fantastic job and I am so happy for everybody who has put so much effort into this car. VIR is a wonderful, wonderful racetrack. It's got so many quick sweeping corners, elevation changes. . . its fantastic."

Max Crawford, Crawford chassis designer and builder

"It's absolutely fantastic it's very gratifying to finally win one. We've put years of work into this. This is the second year we've run the car. We've put a lot of work into this car. Its extremely gratifying to finally win one."

"Yeah, what Andy and Chris said being here is that the people here at VIR would bend over backward and everybody here has made us very, very welcome and that's fantastic. I'm very happy with the track - a gorgeous facility. I believe Chris used the term yesterday when he came over the top of the hill how serene it was and I believe that's pretty good terminology. But for us to be coming here forever and to win the inaugural it was very important for me."

Chris Dyson, Dyson Racing Team, #16 Judd Crawford
Overall and SRP Winner

"Well, I'm delighted with the result. I'm so happy for Max and Andy and everybody that has worked so hard on this win."

Didier Theys, Doran Lista Racing, #27 Judd Dallara
Second Overall and SRP

"We were too far away and you know after what we lost it was with a one-lap lead you know they were just too far to catch. We needed another hour or another yellow, but the yellow never came and the car was great, the pit spots were perfect, no complaints."

Terry Borcheller, Rand Racing #8 Nissan Lola
Third Overall and SRP II Winner

"Ralf has been in the car with me for most of the year when Anthony can't make the races, and so I found out one thing for sure I want him on my team and I don't want to be racing against him because he's tough. I was actually hoping that it would rain simply because I had a lot of time last night in the wet and there definitely are some places where you can make up a lot of time if you know the rain line. I had a good race with Ralf at the beginning of the race and the yellows kept us close, it was just the way racing should be."

Ralf Kelleners, Rand Racing #7 Nissan Lola
Second Place SRP II

"Well I was hoping that I could overtake him but I knew that the only chance to overtake him would be that if he made a major mistake or that if he got really caught up in traffic that I could get quickly through and get an advantage. I wasn't really believing that I could do it. I was fighting hard but I knew he was quicker."

Cort Wagner, Scuderia Ferrari of Washington, #33 Ferrari 360GT
GT Winner

"Four in a row and a double win here. Grand-Am Cup last night, really happy, Brent Martini and I pulled that off in the pouring rain and today in the dry. I actually went off less in the pouring rain than I did in the dry. Well, VIR is a great track and its all about team work and this is such proof of it. What a phenomenal win. I wish I could take credit for it but I've really got to give credit where credit is due and that is to the crew."

Bill Auberlen, Scuderia Ferrari of Washington, #33 Ferrari 360GT
GT Winner

"The win feels really good because it was hard fought, it didn't come easy. There was never more than a lap gap between us pretty much all day, and then we had our little problems. You know Cort hit the tires and I went in the mud one time but didn't do much, then our transfer pump on the gas tank went bad and we could only get about ten laps per tank and that was about it. But, sometimes you don't win pretty you win ugly but it's a win."

Kerry Hitt, ACP Motorsports, #19 Corvette
AGT Winner

"We've had a really great day and this is a good example of good teamwork. We have the Morgan Dollar still ahead of us I think in teams, but we are working on driver points but we're not sure what will happen at the end of the year but we're certainly going to keep working at it. The guys did a great job today, the crew, it was really a key method we hit until down to the end. We had fuel pressure problems at the end, we fueled the car and it didn't start so they had to push start it or it wasn't going to start. I guess luck fell our way."

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