Trois-Rivieres lap-by-lap notes

Guy le Blanc, mayor of the city of Trois-Rivieres, gives the command for the drivers to start their engines at 3:15 p.m., and the 27-car field is rolling for two pace laps. The only change to the grid is Norborg Blanc will be the starting...

Guy le Blanc, mayor of the city of Trois-Rivieres, gives the command for the drivers to start their engines at 3:15 p.m., and the 27-car field is rolling for two pace laps. The only change to the grid is Norborg Blanc will be the starting driver of the No. 44 Rums of Puerto Rico Mazda, and will move from 27th to the back of the grid.

Green flag at 3:21 p.m. The Lolas of Claude Bourbonnais and Jon Field spin in turn one. Kelleners also involved, all three continue but near the back of the pack ... Lap 1 of 92: 27-16-74-20-62-22-5 ... Bourbonnais is 16th, Kelleners 18th, Field 19th ... No. 88 Veilleux leads GTU ... Lap 5: 27-16-74-20-62-22-5-46-8-09-12-37-88 ... Lap 10: 27-16-74-20-62-8-12-22-37-5-46-/-1 lap 18-09-88 ... lead is 0.415 seconds; Bourbonnais, Kelleners and Field working together through traffic. Borcheller had five-second lead in GTO, all other classes have one-second margins or less.

Lap 13, No. 09 Goad smoking, power steering fluid leaking on headers, is running second in AGT ... Lap 15, No. 20 EFR takes third from No. 74 Robinson ... No. 50 Fairbanks spins in turn six and continues, falls to seventh in GTU ... Lap 16, No. 09 Goad takes lead in AGT from No. 18 Leavy, but continues smoking. ... Leavy falls to fourth in class with brake fluid leak. No. 51 Seward also in pits for long stop.

Lap 18, full course caution to retrieve stopped No. 55 BMW of Gleason after turn five. Car is towed to pits and taken behind wall ... Lap 20, No. 74 pits, battery or alternator problems, was running fourth. Continues, but loses two laps and falls to 20th ... Lap 21, No. 09 pits to inspect engine, was leading AGT, no leakage found during stop and Goad continues ...

Lap 25, green flag, 27-16-20-8-12-37/62-22-5-46-09-6-88-81 ... Lap 26, 27-16 side-by-side twice, Theys retains lead ... No. 81 goes into turn six runoff and continues, falls from second to third in GTU ... No. 66 has left-rear tire run resulting from contact, is second in GTU ... No. 18 Leavy replaces right-rear calipre and returns, fifth in AGT and 10 laps behind No. 09 Goad.

Lap 30: 27-16-20-8-12-37-/62-22-5-46-09-/74 ... Lead is 0.392 seconds ... No. 66 Buckler pits. Lap 31, No. 46 Messley pulls behind wall on backstraight, was running second in GTO ... No. 80 smoking, pits, leaking radiator fluid, was fifth in GTU.

Lap 35, No. 16 Weaver takes lead near pit entrance ... No. 80 lost its oil cooler, Morton takes over after long stop ... No. 44, pits and changes drivers, Aponte in ... Lap 43, No. 88 Veilleux pits, was leading GTU, lead to No. 81 Fitzgerald. Jukien for Veilleux ... No. 71 pits, Thompson in for Mills ... Lap 45, 16-27-20-7-12-37-62-22-74-5-096-81-50 ... No. 5 pits, Johnson for Borcheller, minor right front damage near headlight ... No. 50 pits, Pilgrim for Fairbanks ... Lap 47, No. 37 Field spins into barrier in turn three and stops, was running sixth. Continues slowly to pits without rear wing ...

Lap 48, No. 12 pits, Schiattarella in for Kelleners, running fifth. ... No. 37 goes behind wall with transmission damage.

Lap 50: 16-27-20-8-12-62-22-74 ... No. 8 pits, Schubot for Bourbonnais, running fourth ... Class leaders: SRII, No. 62; GTO, No. 5; AGT, No. 09; GTU, No. 81.

Lap 53, Leader No. 16 Weaver pits, Leitzinger in ... No. 27 Theys leads lap 54, followed by No. 20 EFR and No. 16 Leitzinger, 12, 8. . Lap 55, No. 20 pits, John Paul Jr. in for EFR ... No. 74 pits, running eighth. Theys lead is 26 seconds over Leitzinger ... Lap 58, No. 6 pits, Macey in ... No. 62 Grupp pits, had led SRII since start, Spencer in, SRII led to No. 22 Oberto ... Lap 59, leader No. 27 Theys laps third place JP Jr. ... Lap 60, No. 22 Oberto pits, Hampton in, SRII lead to No. 62 Spencer ... leader Theys pits, Bentley takes over, No. 16 Leitzinger leads lap 61, Bentley 18 seconds behind in second place ... No. 09 Goad pits, leading AGT and 10th overall but continues smoking, Conway takes over.

Lap 63, SRII leaders 62-22 nose to tail, Hampton takes lead ... No. 84 pits, Hitt in for McNeil, running second in AGT ... Report that leader No. 16 Leitzinger is without third and fifth gears ... No. 81 GTU leader pits, Law for Fitzgerald ...GTU lead for Law over Pilgrim, 1.9 seconds, No. 66 Collin third ... Lap 72, No. 20 Paul challenges No. 27 for Bentley, both one lap behind leader No. 16 Leitzinger...

Lap 75, 16-27-20/8-12-74 SRII, 22-62-6; GTO, 5 had nine-lap lead over 10, 46 out with oil leak in third; GTU, 81-50, one second lead, 66-88-67; AGT, 09-84-71-51, No. 09 continues smoking and getting worse.

Lap 78, No. 09 Conway pits, was leading AGT. Leak isn't as bad as anticipated ... No. 62 Spencer pits, second in SRII.

Lap 79, Leitzinger leds Bentley by 21 seconds, third place Paul 23 seconds behind. Lap 83, Leitzinger leads 27 by 20 seconds, 20 by 22 seconds...Conway retains AGT lead despite pit stop, Spencer holds second in SRII...Lap 85, Bentley and Paul nose-to-tail

Lap 87, No. 50 Pilgrim takes the lead in GTU from No. 81 Law.

Lap 89, Leitzinger lead is 14 seconds, third place John Paul Jr. one second behind second place Bentley.

Lap 92: The Dyson Racing duo of James Weaver and Butch Leitzinger win their second Grand-Am race of the season, and fourth victory for Weaver. Leitzinger takes the checkered flag four seconds ahead of the Doran Special of Ross Bentley, with John Paul Jr. five seconds behind in third ... Larry Oberto and Ryan Hampton take their sixth victory in SR Lights, while Terry Borcheller and Ron Johnson led all the way en route to their fifth GTO triumph. It's Craig Conway and Doug Goad in AGT for the fifth time, while Andy Pilgrim pulls out a five-second victory over Darren Law in GTU. It's the third GTU win for Rick Fairbanks.

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