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VonAllmen Capital Partners Teams With Stevenson Motorsports In GRAND-AM Private Equity Firm Enters The Fast Track The GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series presented by Crown Royal Cask No.16 has been the home for intense competition for several...

VonAllmen Capital Partners Teams With Stevenson Motorsports In GRAND-AM
Private Equity Firm Enters The Fast Track

The GRAND-AM Rolex Sports Car Series presented by Crown Royal Cask No.16 has been the home for intense competition for several years now as the racing action is always close and exciting for both the fans and the teams. One of the leading private teams competing in the GT class is Stevenson Motorsports. They campaign a pair of Chevrolet Camaro GT.R race cars and now they have a new member of the team who is sure to help them move closer to a championship.

VonAllmen Capital Partners, based in St; Louis, Missouri, is a brand new private equity firm founded by Nick Bellon, Doug VonAllmen and his son David VonAllmen.

Doug VonAllmen is a well respected individual with years of M&A (mergers and acquisitions) experience. He has owned several successful companies and he is well known in the leverage buyout field. Right now, VonAllmen Capital Partners is in the process of looking for businesses to acquire. While they are a start up, they begin with an established reputation because of Chairman Doug VonAllmen.

Bellon outlined the VonAllmen Capital Partners business model when he said, "At VonAllmen Capital, we find winning companies that are positioned to sell so that we can help them to continue to grow and succeed. We are looking to help owners develop an exit strategy when they feel it is time for them to turn over the company to someone else to carry on. A lot of private equity firms want to buy a company that they can turn around and sell at a profit within a few years. That is not our goal. We buy small and medium sized companies and hold onto them for many years. We would like to keep the existing management in place rather than replace anyone, so we can keep their experience and knowledge working to sustain and grow the business."

When he isn't reviewing the company details of a possible acquisition, or working on the fine points inherent in closing a business deal, Bellon is a racing fan right down to his wingtip shoes.

As a Principal in multiple organizations in the financial industry, Bellon has spent many hours with the Stevenson race team as an active supporter of their efforts to win a championship. With VonAllmen Capital Partners now a part of the team, Bellon expects to continue his close relationship for a long time to come.

Bellon is not the only motorsports fan at VonAllmen Capital Partners. As an exotic car and motor sports enthusiast, Doug has been on the selection committee for the Robb Report, and he and David have been students at the Skip Barber & Bob Bondurant Racing Schools.

"I have enjoyed being with this team and these great people" said Bellon, "and I am certain my partners in VonAllmen Capital will come to appreciate the kind of commitment Team Manager Mike Johnson and his crew put forth in pursuit of a win."

David VonAllmen is especially excited about this new sponsorship, "As a new firm in a highly competitive industry we as an organization felt that we needed to make a statement, and what better way to make your presence known than to align yourself with a top tier racing team like Stevenson Motorsports."

Bellon agrees. "Being involved with a front running championship contending team like Stevenson Motorsports, in a NASCAR-backed top level professional racing series like GRAND-AM Rolex, will give our company exactly the kind of exposure we need to build on. That is a key tenet of our company - we buy companies to help them grow and continue their own brand of success."

Stevenson Team Manager Mike Johnson couldn't be more pleased to have Bellon and his partners on board. "I have come to know Nick really well these last few years and I really enjoy seeing his high level of energy and enthusiasm on race weekends. It's great when a person or a sponsor can find an immediate benefit from a relationship in Motorsports and I think VonAllmen Capital Partners will continue with this form of success. I can't think of a more interesting, exciting and enjoyable way to entertain current or potential clients than at the race track."

The Stevenson Motorsports / VonAllmen Capital / VinSolutions 2010 Camaro GT.Rs, No. 57 and No. 97 are looking to move further up in the overall championship standings and recent rules changes by GRAND-AM may help fuel that forward movement. In a race series that, thus far in 2010, has been dominated by Mazdas, recent strong showings by the Stevenson pair suggest a win may be just around the next sharp curve. With VonAllmen Capital Partners now along for the ride, that turn seems to be coming up fast. Visit the VonAllmen website at

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