Six Hours at Watkins Glen race quotes

Elliott Forbes-Robinson - ...

Elliott Forbes-Robinson - #20 Dyson Racing Team Ford R&S - "All the water fell out of the engine. We were having a little handling problem, but it wasn't bad. We could keep up and stay on the lead lap, and felt that by the end of the race, we could have it sorted out. The boys think they can fix it."

Jon Field - #37 Banana Joe's Intersport Racing Judd Lola - When asked what happened to cause the crash. - "We were going up through the Esses and I gave him the line on the inside. He came over there so I went up on the outside and he came right over and hit me. When asked how the car was running up until that point It was running beautiful. We were fighting for the lead. It was working just the way you wanted it to work. It is frustrating."


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Series Grand-Am
Drivers Jon Field , Elliott Forbes-Robinson
Teams Dyson Racing