Six Hours at the Glen race quotes (Watkins Glen)

Six Hours At The Glen Race Quotes Greg Pootmas - ...

Six Hours At The Glen Race Quotes

Greg Pootmas - #89 Kolter Property/L2 Metal/Goodyear/Hawk Brake Porschehaus Racing Nissan Lola - When asked why they had to make an early pit stop. - "We're not sure exactly what happened, other than the conditions are very different so obviously the setups are different and it seems to be heating up the rear tires more so than usual and the rear tires blistered and as a result we had to come in and pit."

Toney Jennings - #54 Yokohama/Jet Ventures/Hella/Castrol Oil JET Motorsports BMW M3 - When asked what happened to the car. - "We crashed the car in qualifying, we had to put it back together. We took the radiator off and had to put a new radiator on and we lost the radiator mounts. When we tie wrapped it we didn't quite get it up there good enough and it worked its way loose. The car started getting hot and losing pressure and we figured out what happened and got it fixed now. Just have to work our way back."

James Weaver - #16 Dyson Racing Team-Ford R&S - "The track has changed quite a lot and the cars aren't handling, they're going quick but they aren't handling quite as well as they normally do, but there's nothing we can do about that." When asked about any problems with traffic "No, not at all, we're as good as gold, we're cruising."

Andy Wallace - #20 Dyson Racing Team - Ford R&S - "There's no grip, we're just getting oversteer, it's really quite difficult, but there's a long way, as the race goes on hopefully things will get better."

Jon Field - #37 - Intersport Racing - Judd Lola - Banana Joe's - "We didn't have any radio communication so we missed a pit stop. We also missed the gears so we really don't have any straight away speed so Weaver has us on the straight away but we have him in the corners so we will see how it pans out."

Chris Bingham - #5 Fordahl M/S/Saleen/Park Place Racing Saleen S7R - (GTS Winner) - "We had a good run. We started out with that stop-and-go penalty, which was hard at the beginning but we overcame it. I think we finished five laps up on our nearest competitor, so we had a good race."

Larry Schumacher - #99 Schumacher Racing Porsche GT1 - (GTS Second Place) - "I crashed the car in qualifying in the rain on Friday, so I think a lot of people would think we never get the car back together, but we did. To wind up second instead of on the trailer going home is not too bad."

Matt Drendel - # 81 - G&W Motorsports - (GT Winner) - "The car ran really well and we all did our part to take this victory. All I want to say is that we finished second here last year to # 10 Genesis Racing. If we can't beat them then join them."

Rick Fairfield - #10 - Genesis Racing - (GT Second Place) - "It went really well for us, this was our third car we were going to save it for Lime Rock, but we decided to enter this car yesterday. The car really came together great."

Didier Theys - #27 Lista Doran Racing Ford SRP - (SRP Winner) - When asked about fuel - "We knew the other team had to get a splash and we had to get a splash as well. We had to make a gap big enough to make sure we can do a splash and be able to make it the rest of the way, and it worked perfect."

Butch Leitzinger - #16 Dyson Racing Team Ford SRP - (SRP Second Place Finisher) - "It was an excellent race, especially the middle part of it, between Didier, Freddy and Mauro, and also the Oliver Gavin and Jon Field car, we had some really good racing and we almost worked together, we passed each other quite a few times in traffic, and it was a fun race. At the end we had a fuel pressure problem that dropped us back, but it was a good time."

Rich Grupp -#62 Team Spencer Motorsports Mazda Kudzu - (SRPII Winner) - "We didn't have any problems until the last four laps, when we had a low oil-pressure reading. We had to duck in for a splash of gas and splash of oil. Other than that, it was flawless; the crew did a great job."

Paul Macey - #21 Archangel Motorsports Services Nissan Lola - (SRPII Second Place)- "It was an awesome day out there. The car ran flawlessly. We were neck and neck with the #62 car and it looked like we were going to catch them at the end, but second place and fourth overall is great and we maintain our points lead."

Craig Conway - #09 X1-R Performance Lube/Goodyear Team X1-R Corvette (AGT Winner) - "The crew did a great job. We got a 12-minute transmission change to keep us in the hunt during an early caution and we think we ran out of oil pressure towards the end of the race so we had to baby the car the rest of the race. When we were running strong it ran real well."

Jon Leavy - #11 Hamilton Safe & Security Systems Hamilton Safe Motors Camaro (AGT Second Place Finisher) - "The car ran pretty well until the fifth hour and I got in that stint and the visibility was terrible because of the sun was in our eyes. We were pretty aggressive at the beginning of the race and I actually drove without touching the pedal for almost an hour. When asked about problems or wrecks during the race No, but I passed an awful lot of them. There was some carnage out there. In a six-hour race you have to finish to win. We wound up second today but, that's pretty gratifying because I've always felt that if you put the car in the trailer in one piece you won."

Elliott Forbes-Robinson - #20 Dyson Racing Team Ford R&S - "All the water fell out of the engine. We were having a little handling problem, but it wasn't bad. We could keep up and stay on the lead lap, and felt that by the end of the race, we could have it sorted out. The boys think they can fix it."

Jon Field - #37 Banana Joe's Intersport Racing Judd Lola - When asked what happened to cause the crash. - "We were going up through the Esses and I gave him the line on the inside. He came over there so I went up on the outside and he came right over and hit me. When asked how the car was running up until that point It was running beautiful. We were fighting for the lead. It was working just the way you wanted it to work. It is frustrating."


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