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Round #3 of the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge at Barber Motorsports Park was a good growth event for the Kinetic Motorsports Infinity Audio Kia Forte Koups. The new gear ratios approved by Grand-Am allowed the cars to show some of their potential as evidenced with our 8th and 15th place finishes. As we head to VIR this coming weekend we are keenly aware that horsepower is what will rule the day and armed with that knowledge we'll be pleased to finish in the top 15 for both cars. Our cars are still a bit down on power especially compared to boosted competitors so we are approaching VIR as another learning opportunity to work on some of our setups tuning the cars more toward drivers' tastes.

We're quite happy with how the Forte's systems have performed to date. Component wear and reliability has been about what a team can hope for and the only problems that we have seen have been fairly easy to resolve. We still have a somewhat balky gearbox to deal with but due to the short time between races we aren't able to do much to solve the problem other than experimenting with fluids and some external adjustments.

The team has been quite busy getting the cars ready for VIR and as I write this the transporter has left the shop with the cars for VIR. And I must take this time for a big shout out to the team for their outstanding pit stops at Barber which gained us valuable track position. They were a thing a beauty and really boosted everyone's spirits. Great job guys!

Finally, it's really great to see the support we are getting as a brand for our racing efforts. This is a very new venture for Kia Motors and we've come a long way in a very short time. We still aren't where we want to be but we know we have the right team in Kinetic Motorsports to get us to our goals and we are much farther along than we dared dream just a few short months ago.

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