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JBS Motorsports Led The Way For Ford Racing In Friday'S Grand-Am Koni Challenge Series Race At Miller Motorsports Park. The Driving Duo Of Mark Ackley And Todd Snyder Finished Sixth In The No. 137 Mustang FR500C, The Highest Of The Pony Cars In...

JBS Motorsports Led The Way For Ford Racing In Friday'S Grand-Am Koni Challenge Series Race At Miller Motorsports Park. The Driving Duo Of Mark Ackley And Todd Snyder Finished Sixth In The No. 137 Mustang FR500C, The Highest Of The Pony Cars In The Race. The No. 37 Mustang FR500C With Bret Seafuse And James Gue Behind The Wheel Ended The Day In Seventh After Having To Change An Engine Earlier In The Week.

Mark Ackley -- No. 137 ACKCO Inc. Consulting Group Mustang FR500C (Finished 6th)

"My stint was pretty exciting. There was an accident in Turn 1, Turn 2 and Turn 3. There were guys out there being stupid early in the race. We started 26th and by the time I got past all that I was in 14th and I was trying to avoid everything. I just kind of settled there in 14th and held it there and battled a little bit with some of the Hyper Sport guys. The track got really, really slippery and greasy out there and the car was a handful. When I handed it over to Todd, we were kind of watching the water levels and temperature and oil temp because it was running hot all weekend. There were pieces of cars all over the track. Going up over one of the hills, there was a whole front bumper and there were parts all over the place. You were literally going down the straight weaving around and in every corner there was something on top of all the dust and gravel. We know we missed the setup on this car but we dealt with what we had and I'm really happy with the finish that we got. The way the car ran, we're really excited. The motor stayed together really well for us today in the race."

Todd Snyder -- No. 137 ACKCO Inc. Consulting Group Mustang FR500C (Finished 6th)

YOU WERE ABLE TO GET UP TO THIRD TODAY BEFORE COMING IN THAT LAST PIT STOP FOR FUEL. "First off, I've got to say that Mark did a great job. He started 25th or 26th and within the first lap was up to 14th. The yellow came a littler earlier than we wanted so that made it a little longer stint that I wanted. It ended up being a two-stop for us. On the restart I was quicker than a few other guys. It took a little while to get past some of the guys. Just tried to stay consistent out there. The wind and the dust were really, really bad out there. The car would handle different every lap on the same corner because of the wind, but once I got a feel for it, it was pretty good. Towards the end we came in for fuel and I had a couple of laps notice. We didn't get the yellow we were looking for at the end in order to move up some spots. James [Gue] was able to get going and get by some guys. He did a great job and was able to get by some guys. The good news is that it didn't really cost him many positions and there were able to have a great points day too."

Bret Seafuse -- No. 37 Trumansburg Shursave Mustang FR500C (Finished 7TH)


"The first lap was interesting; we didn't crash on the first lap. There were cars going off in turn 1, turn 3, and turn 4 two and three at a time spinning, but we were able to get through it. We lost a couple spots on that opening lap but were able to stay in one piece. I Think I was 12th when I came in to hand the car over the james and just tried to keep the car in good shape for James. He did a bulk of the work today because of where the cautions came out. It was all right, I was just trying to cruise around and not give james and damage to have to deal with and he did the rest."

James Gue -- No. 37 Trumansburg ShurSave Mustang FR500C (Finished 7th)

"There was a lot of debris as the race went on. With the gravel here and cars going off, those cars were bringing a lot of stuff back onto the track. Overall, I'm reasonably pleased with our result, obviously a good points day. Honestly pretty disappointed with our teammate. I don't expect help from him, but he actually cost us a few positions and we're fighting for a championship so it's a little disappointing and frustrating. Overall we're pleased. The guys in the pits did a great job for us and it ended up to be a points day."

After trouble early in the race for two of the three Rehagen Racing Mustangs, Mike McGovern and Jim Click carried the flag for their team and wheeled the No. 154 Mustang FR500C to an eighth place finish in Friday's Koni Challenge Series race at Miller Motorsports Park. McGovern credits his team's finish to good pit stops and smart driving by by his co-driver, Click.

Mike McGovern -- No. 154 Columbus Truck & Equipment/Jim Click Ford Mustang FR500C (Finished 8th)

YOU TOOK OVER THE CAR FROM JIM CLICK IN 22ND POSITION AND WERE ABLE TO GET UP IN THE TOP 10 AND HOLD THAT POSITION FOR THE REST OF THE RACE. "Things really did fall into place for us. There was a wreck just shortly after we got started in the race. I think it was a couple cars that got caught up. Towards the end the car was pretty much gone though as far as brakes and tires."

DO YOU ATTRIBUTE THAT TO THE TIGHT TURNS AROUND THE TRACK? "Yes that as far as the tires, and then with the debris around the track is was hard to get around, even on the front straight. But things really went well for us today and I'm really happy about how we ended up finished."

AFTER THE FIRST HOUR OF THE RACE AND YOUR TEAM'S OTHER TWO CARS WENT OUT, YOU WERE REALLY CARRYING THE FLAG FOR REHAGEN RACING. "Yeah, we had trouble this weekend, the whole Ford crew struggled here this weekend. We usually race the No. 150 car, but that had problems earlier this week and thankfully the No. 154 wasn't rented this week and we were able to jump in that car."

ON CO-DRIVER JIM CLICK. "He was really racing there for a while with about three other cars and he led the group. He got passed and then was

Joe Foster and Scott Maxwell, co-drivers of the No. 55 Mustang FR500C finished 30th overall in Friday's Grand-Am Koni Challenge Series race at Miller Motorsports Park. Foster experienced contact on the first lap of the race, causing the team's Mustang to lose two laps right away while trying to fix the car on pit road. Foster entered the weekend second in the points, but was not able to gain much on the leaders.

Joe Foster -- No. 55 Supercuts Mustang FR500C (Finished 30th overall)

"There were several cars ahead of us on the very first lap that sort of checked up and we tried to avoid. We had a good start and passed three cars at the very beginning and moved from 10th to seventh. The front five or six cars sort of [bunched up]. There were several cars that were side-by-side each other and when everybody checked up, I checked up and slightly touched I think Gleason and then I got hit from the back and then I hit him again. The guys replaced the front-right tie rod and ball joint and got us going again. The setup was obviously messed up after that and completely wrong and we stumbled around the best we could after that point. The No. 09 BMW had issues as well and James Gue also finished I think seventh and probably passed us in the points."

Patrick Dempsey and Rick Skelton earned their best finish of the season as a duo in the No. 54 Mustang FR500C at Miller Motorsports Park. Skelton brought the car into the pits in 14th position, and Dempsey was able to hold and improve that with a 13th place overall in Friday's Koni Challenge Series race at Miller Motorsports Park.

Patrick Dempsey -- No. 54 Supercuts Mustang FR500C (Finished 13th)

"It was good. Usually I go out first, but this gave Rick some more time in the car. This was really the first time that I had to deal with getting into the car second. We weren't really prepared for driver changes and I found myself about five inches too far back in the seat so each lap when I'd brake I'd slide under the steering wheel, so that was the first challenge. Once I got out there it was so slippery and there was absolutely no grip. I had to be patient and we were able to hold our position."

RICK BROUGHT THE CAR IN THE PIT IN 14TH AND YOU WERE ABLE TO IMPROVE ON THAT WITH THE FINISH. "Towards the end I think a lot of cars had some problems. I think the team had a lot to do with our finish at the end of the race. I felt good during the race; I've been doing a lot of cycling. I was happy; it was our best finish together with him and I. Charles Espenlaub and I had a fifth or sixth-place finish earlier in the season so that was something for us to build on. This track in particular isn't for the Mustangs. They've got to start taking some of the weight off because we're getting killed by the BMWs and Porches in the corners."

-credit: ford racing

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