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APR Motorsport Scores Top Ten at Trois-Rivieres August, 19, 2008 - Opelika, AL: APR Motorsport/Team Janica Racing ...

APR Motorsport Scores Top Ten at Trois-Rivieres

August, 19, 2008 - Opelika, AL: APR Motorsport/Team Janica Racing #181JVolkswagen GTI raced to a seventh place finish at the Grand Prix of Trois-JRivieres this past weekend, running at the front and contending for the podiumJthe entire race.

The Pobst/White GTI ran as high as third place, while never dropping belowJposition ten other than during a single pit stop during the shorter than normal 1J3/4 hour KONI Challenge ST race.

Great weather, combined with what is likely the largest and most spirited crowdJfor the KONI series to date, provided an electric racing atmosphere in whatJproved to be a very clean race (only one yellow being thrown throughout theJentire session).

The weekend started well for both of the APR GTI0xaf33, with the #171 GTI qualifyingJin 8th position. Dion von Moltke, the18 year old South African star who teamsJwith veteran Ian Baas, qualified the car in the 8th spot on the grid via a 1:15.155Jflier on the last lap of qualifying. Unfortunately, on lap 12, a driveline failureJcaused the early retirement of car #171, while running in a very competitive 4thJplace in the field.

Dion on the weekend: "What an incredible track! My first street course and I can'tJwait for the next one. Although I was disappointed at the mechanical failure, IJwas proud of our speed in qualifying and we were incredibly competitive allJweekend. Ian really helped with set up and the APR team just keepsJprogressing. We are getting very close to winning a race and I look forward toJgetting back in the car in New Jersey."Ian Baas echoed Dion0xaf33 points, saying: "We made huge gains on the setup thisJweekend. The #171 was a top contender for sure. I am anxious to get to NewJJersey and apply we learned this weekend and hopefully get 171 back on topJwhere it belongs! As always, Dion was ultra-competitive, qualifying an incredibleJ8th the first time on a street course."Mark White qualified the #181 GTI in 10th spot, a mere 7/100th0xaf33 behind theJsister #171 car of von Moltke/Baas, running a 1:15.222, in what proved to be aJvery competitive and close qualifying throughout the field. Like von Moltke, WhiteJpulled out his 10th place qualifier on a flying last lap that put he and teammateJPobst in a great position for a podium finish.

White, who drove the first 45 minutes of the race before handing the car over toJPobst for the final hour, advanced quickly through the field, passing seven cars inJthe first half hour of the race, putting the car in third place at the time of hisJhandover to Randy Pobst. Pobst left the pits in 12th place due to the pit stop, butJagain moved the #181 GTI through the field quickly, making up three places inJjust ten minutes. Over the last forty minutes, Randy was able to make up twoJadditional spots and secure the solid seventh place finish in front of the huge,Jraucous fans.

White said: "This is my first experience with a street circuit and I came awayJabsolutely loving it! The start was an absolute brawl! I think the energy from theJawesome crowd here in Trois-Rivieres must have turned everybody into aJ"tough-guy"! "Having the grandstands at turn one definitely inspires a driver toJtake no prisoners! Miraculously, Dion and I made it through cleanly and focusedJon getting to the front without using up the cars. Randy did a fantastic job, asJusual. We both focused hard on conserving the brakes and he was able to wringJevery last ounce of performance out of the brakes.

White added: "The APR team put in a first class performance this weekend. It'sJgreat to work side by side with these guy's and get a solid finish. It will be fun toJcarry this momentum into Jersey!" Pobst noted: "Three Rivers is an historical event on a narrow, walled, streetJcircuit and is a great party with knowledgeable fans. Mark and I worked togetherJto pace the use of our APR GTi brakes, and it rewarded us with a hard earnedJseventh. The team worked very hard and well, with a special mention for our carJchief Wade and crew chief Jeff, making a terrific comeback after Iowa. The GTiJwill be better suited to the big tracks that will follow, so look out KONI Challenge!"

APR Motorsport next races at the brand-new New Jersey Motorsports Park onJAugust 29-31, 2008. NOTE: Sabine Schmitz, Top Gear tv show star, ex-BMW Factory driver andJdriver of the famed "Ring Taxi" at N0x00fcrburgring, will once again be filling in forJRandy Pobst, due a a series scheduling conflict that keeps Pobst out of his KONIJChallenge GTI for one last time.

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