SCC: Daytona: Post-race quotes


#76 Don Caster Racing Porsche GT3 Cup
Winner, Grand-Am Cup 2-Hour Enduro

Our car was really, really strong in the infield. So I was just sort of shadowing his moves and hoping he would eventually use up some rubber, which I think he did and I was able to get by him. But having said that he just sort of kept in sight of me. I pushed really hard for the whole hour without abusing the tires. It wasn't a cruise by any means. My hour was trouble free.

We had a fairly comfortable lead (when I took over). It was really just gauging our car against Doug's car. I was fortunate that Scott was able to give me a car that was still really strong. More or less I just saved the tires.

#11 Powell Motorsports Corvette
Second place finisher, Grand-Am Cup 2-Hour Enduro

We had a little push from behind and I think we had some bodywork cutting into one of the rear tires. Doug's mad at me but I didn't want to take t he chance and risk the car. It was the right rear and it takes a serious amount of load coming through the banking so I didn't want to take the risk. So we came in and the guys did a good job putting a new tire on. We rallied back so I got to give Doug the car in a decent position.

We came back out in about fifth or fourth. The first four or five laps the car felt really, really good. Then we lost the handle on the car with these new tires. As we continued on through the race the car got hotter and hotter. It was almost impossible to keep tires underneath the car. Dave did a great job. We were matching times for the first 30 minutes. Somewhere along about 20 or 30 minutes later the spread just started to open up. We've got some work to do.

#81 G&W Motorsports Porsche Cup
Third place finisher, Grand-Am Cup 2-Hour Enduro

When I came out we were fourth at the time. So I was pressing pretty hard for the first 40 minutes. At that point I think there was no way to make up any more positions.

Other Quotes:

CHUCK SNIPES (#26 Snipes Ford Motorsports Mustang GSII winner) - We were right there near the front - in second or third -- when I got in the car. The car was perfect the whole time. I think they (the No. 54 BMW) just ran out of car before we did. I knew it would going to be tough to get around him (Terry Borcheller), but when I saw how loose he was (on the last lap), I knew it was the only chance I had. I was waiting for him to get loose and go underneath him, and it worked out that way because he got sideways and I was able to get under him.

PETER SACHS #26 Snipes Ford Motorsports Mustang GSII winner) - I was just trying to keep in the game during the early part of the race, that's what you try to do, so I would be able to give it to `Whiz-bang' (Chuck Snipes) to bring it home.

TERRY BORCHELLER (#54 Bell Motorsports BMW M3, second in GSII) - "It was a heartbreaker. I've won them like that, but to lose them that way, that's not as loose. We had a major tire issue near the end. We kept the same set of tires on the whole race, we decided not to change to make our stop quicker. It was a good tire, but it just got abused a little too much."

STEVE PFEFFER (#72 Team Spartanburg Racing BMW Z3, STI winner) - "It was actually fairly uneventful. I ended up racing alone the entire time. My job was to stay focused to the best of my ability, and try not to burn up the tires or let the heat get to me. I gave up a little on the entry to the corners, but it paid off on the exits. I was looking for consistency, and it paid off. I'm real proud of these guys, they did a good job and gave me a perfect car for the first race of the year. I don't know what the temperature is in this car, but I tell you, I'm 51, and I'm hotter than what I'm used to."

JIM HAMBLIN (#72 Team Spartanburg Racing BMW Z3, STI winner) - "We struggled a little early in the weekend, but we just kept working with it, and the guys gave us a fantastic car. We started out ninth, but we were able to carve our way up through the field and it went flawless. Steve (Pfeffer) did a fantastic job finishing it up."

BOB BEEDE (#27 Bill Fenton Motorsports Acura Integra R, STII winner) - "It went great. I had an easy drive. My co-driver, Bill Fenton, left me with a 30-second lead, so all I had to do was keep from messing up. The car was great, the tires were sticking great, it just ran real smooth."

BILL FENTON (#27 Bill Fenton Motorsports Acura Integra R, STII winner) - "I won my first pole yesterday, the car was set up absolutely perfect, and today I managed the traffic, I stayed out of trouble and I brought it home in front. There's not a mark on the car, and it's probably the best car I've ever had. I've won before, but today's my first Daytona win. That's absolutely fantastic."


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