SCC: Daytona: Jamie Holtom race notes

Jamie Holtom 4th in ST at Grand-Am Cup Season Opener Jamie Holtom drove his ClearSCADA ...

Jamie Holtom 4th in ST at Grand-Am Cup Season Opener

Jamie Holtom drove his ClearSCADA #01 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Supercharged to a well deserved 4th place in the Grand-Am Cup 200 at Daytona International Speedway this Friday to start his 2006 season.

"After having only the pre-race practice sessions to get the car right for the race, I think we did a great job to come in fourth," said Holtom, "My hat's off to the guys at Georgian Bay Motorsports for making the car near-perfect for the race. I was able to charge right away and the car stayed very consistent throughout my stint."

Jamie took over the driving duties from co-driver Eric Curran on lap 27 of the race with the car in 2nd place. Jamie then posted the fastest race-time of the Cobalt contingent and out-placed them to the finish.

"It's great to get the ball rolling like this. A podium would have been even better, but in this series everything has to be perfect and you need a little luck on your side to have a shot. When the full-course caution flew late in the race it gave all the back marker Grand Sport class cars a chance to get in the mix, and unfortunately, two Street Tuner class cars got through as well. Whenever traffic came into play we came out worse for it. I wasn't about to end our championship in the first race of the year with some risky moves, so for now we'll have to be happy with fourth."

Jamie and the GBMS team look to build on this momentum and keep the charge going throughout 2006.

"To have both team cars in the top 10 of this 37 car field is great. I know we will be tough to beat at the rest of the races this season and as long as Eric and I can stay at the front of the pack we're going to be on championship form."


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