SCC: Daytona: Ford Racing qualifying report

Bret Seafuse, co-driver of the No. 37 Mustang FR500C with James Gue, was the top Ford qualifier for Friday's Grand-Am KONI Challenge Series Fresh From Florida 200 at Daytona International Speedway. After not attending testing sessions earlier this...

Bret Seafuse, co-driver of the No. 37 Mustang FR500C with James Gue, was the top Ford qualifier for Friday's Grand-Am KONI Challenge Series Fresh From Florida 200 at Daytona International Speedway. After not attending testing sessions earlier this month, this is the first time the team has been on the track since the last race of the 2007 season.

Bret Seafuse -- 37 -- JBS Motorsports FR500C -- (Qualified 5th)

"Not bad for only taking one lap. Once the rain came out, I knew that there were going to be cars all over the place. I started going around the track and I knew that that one lap really needed to be good because the track was changing with the weather."

THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME BACK AT THE TRACK SINCE VIR LAST SEASON. "We have a pretty good setup for here, this is the third time that we've run with James here, so we have a pretty good feel for it. I always want to come down for test days, it just never works out. I haven't really even thought about a race car for about three months. We're pretty good here usually, and we just brought the same setup that we always do. It is hard for me, especially to jump in and go. This morning I only got about five laps before the black flag came out and then this afternoon the sway bar broke, so I haven't gotten much time behind the wheel."

SO YOU'RE STILL FRESH? "Yes, I still have no clue how the car is really going to be, but James has turned some really good laps so I'm confident I'll like it as well as soon as I get a lap down."

BEING IN THE TOP FIVE HAS GOT TO BE AN ADVANTAGE HERE WITH RUNNING BOTH CLASSES TOGETHER TOMORROW. "Yes, absolutely. We wanted a top five and we would have been happy with a top 10, but we're definitely happy to be up there. Hopefully we'll be able to stay out of trouble and hopefully this weather and the rain isn't what we're going to be racing in tomorrow. I don't mind racing in the rain, but I don't like doing it at Daytona and with all the cars. Normally we don't mind, but I'd just assume not here."

After running second and first in practice sessions earlier in the day, Mike Canney qualified sixth in the No. 60 Rehagen Racing FR500C for Friday's Fresh From Florida 200. Friday's race kicks off the 2008 Grand-Am KONI Challenge Series at Daytona International Speedway.

Mike Canney -- 60 -- Rehagen Racing FR500C -- (Qualified 6th)

YOU WERE SECOND AND FIRST IN PRACTICE AND QUALIFIED SIXTH. THE TEAM IS STARTING OUT STRONG GOING INTO THE FIRST RACE OF THE SEASON. "It is. It is actually a brand-new car and bringing it here to testing was the first time that I had driven the car. It's also the first time we've used Rehagen Racing to take care of the car. So between a good Ford Mustang car and a good team with a great co-driver and a good crew chief, it all just came together for us."

Mark Ackley returns to the Grand-Am KONI Challenge Series with a new team and a new car with co-driver Todd Snyder. Ackley qualified ninth for Friday's Fresh From Florida 200 at Daytona International Speedway and looks forward to staying out front and out of trouble in Friday's race.

Mark Ackley -- 17 -- CMA Motorsports FR500C -- (Qualified 9th)

"I did an out lap and then I just did one lap. I tried to get another one in, but on that lap one of the Porsche was right around in turn one so that took about a second and a half off my second lap."

THE QUALIFYING EFFORT KEEPS YOU OUT FRONT IN A LARGE FIELD, WHICH CAN ALSO MEAN OUT OF TROUBLE FOR THE MOST PART. "Absolutely. Starting in the top 10 was one of my personal goals, and even with the rain we were able to do that. That second lap I tried to get in, I shifted to third in two and immediately it was like the track went to ice and I knew that was probably all we were going to get."

ON TRACK CONDITIONS. "When I first went out this morning, the car was just about perfect. It was really balanced and I radioed in and I told Todd [Snyder] that it wasn't pushing or loose off. You could tell when the sun came out because it started to react a little bit and was a little loose. That was okay, it wasn't anything that was too much out of the ordinary."

YOU GUYS HAVE COME HERE AS A NEW TEAM AFTER RUNNING LAST YEAR WITH JBS. "We ran with JBS Motorsports last year and I wanted to create a team even before last year. We got the car the Friday before Christmas. We got the hauler the Saturday before New Year's and the equipment since them. We pretty much in three weeks put together a team and came to test days to learn. To come to test day with a car that we'd never shaken down and a crew that's still learning and to have a top 10 spot for the race is great. We're really happy and pleased and plan on running the whole year and do better than last year."

Jack Roush Jr. qualified the No. 59 Rehagen Racing FR500C in 11th position for Friday's Grand-Am KONI Challenge Series Fresh >From Florida 200. This is Roush's first time racing a Mustang at Daytona International Speedway, and learned that starting towards the front will be a huge advantage in Friday's large field.

Jack Roush Jr. -- 59 -- Rehagen Racing FR500C -- (Qualified 11th)

THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME HERE AND EARNING AN 11TH PLACE POSITION HAS GOT TO FEEL PRETTY GOOD. "Yes, I think that a big key to the race tomorrow will be to stay out of trouble. I think that it's really going to be chaos out there tomorrow."

DAYTONA SEEMS TO BE A TRACK WHERE THE MUSTANGS RUN REALLY WELL. "Yes, I think that's accurate. The Mustang is a bigger car and the fact that there are longer straightaways and higher speed parts to the track definitely benefits us."

TRACK TEMPERATURES CHANGED A LOT TODAY. DID YOU GUYS MAKE ANY ADJUSTMENTS? "It didn't really affect it that much. I think it's hard to change for the weather when the weather itself is changing so much." ON DRIVING STINTS. "I'll be starting and run a good stint and then Dean will get in and finish the race."

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