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Grand-Am Cup Daytona Qualifying Quotes SCOTT MAXWELL, ...

Grand-Am Cup Daytona Qualifying Quotes

SCOTT MAXWELL, #76 Doncaster Racing Porsche GT3 Cup, GSI pole winner: "My first flying lap was the time that stood. It was real tight. Obviously, the car is quick, but we're still learning more about it each time out. We've only had the car two months, and had two tests, including one here last month. Every time out we're throwing something new at it, trying to find out what works, and what doesn't. I'm going to start the race and try to stay out of trouble. Dave (Empringham) is my co-driver, and he's very quick, so I just have to bring him a car that's in good shape and in sight of the leaders. That's one of our strengths. Not only do we have a good car, but Dave and I can run the same pace the entire race. I didn't expect to be challenging for the pole until at least three races, but winning it here is a nice reward for all the hard work the Multimatic guys have done getting the car ready."

DEVON POWELL, #11 Powell Motorsports Sunoco/Encompass Corvette, GSI second-fastest qualifier: "From what I'm told, we were beat out for the pole by three-thousandths of a second. It's close, but that's all right. It's only a two-hour race, so it's almost a two-hour sprint race. The Corvette is working well, and it really suits this track. We enjoy racing here. There's quite a few Porsches now. The Bow Tie guys are a little down on numbers compared to the Porsches now, but we'll see how it works tomorrow."

SYLVAIN TREMBLAY, # 63 SpeedSource/Champion Porsche/Fikse Wheels Porsche 911, GSII pole winner: "This is my old car. John Sturn, my co-driver, bought it, and it's like coming home again. I love the car. It was an exciting lap. I had a bunch of faster cars in front of me, and they pulled me along a little bit. The car was wonderful. The SpeedSource team did a great job setting the car up. It's a pleasure to drive. I just want to put the car in the best position for John tomorrow, so we can get the best finish we can."

DAVID HASKELL, #67 SpeedSource Porsche Boxter, STI pole winner: "I used one of the Hyuandis as a little bit of a draft, and that helped me out. My co-driver, Stan Winokur, is a great guy, and I'm glad everything worked out for tomorrow's race. It's going to be a sprint race, so we'll go as fast as we can the entire time. I won here last year in a Grand Sports I car at the end of the year, so we're looking for another one."

BILL FENTON, #27 Fenton Motorsports Acura Integra R, STII pole winner: "This is my first professional pole, so it really means something to me. My crew did a fantastic job. We put this car together over the past two months. We never tested the car before. We brought it out of the trailer, put it onto the track, and turned the fastest lap with it. So we're really happy with the car. It certainly is exciting to win my first pole at Daytona. It's the place to win it. We finished third here last November and that's the best I've done here, but we plan on changing that tomorrow."


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