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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (June 2, 2003) -- Terry Borcheller celebrated his first Daytona Prototype victory at the inaugural Barber 250 at The Park two weeks ago and today he responds to questions fans had for the racer. Borcheller talks about his ...

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (June 2, 2003) -- Terry Borcheller celebrated his first Daytona Prototype victory at the inaugural Barber 250 at The Park two weeks ago and today he responds to questions fans had for the racer. Borcheller talks about his thoughts on the track and the city of Birmingham, the advantages and disadvantages of the Daytona Prototype and the accident that injured two members of his crew.

Q: What will it take to get the top car owners to see what a great asset you could be to their organization? Do it again! If I were a car owner or factory I would want you driving for me!

Borcheller: I think Forest Barber is one of the best owner/drivers I could be linked with. He's a great guy and a very good driver who's getting better every time he gets behind the wheel. I have had an opportunity to be involved with some great teams, including Bell Motorsports, Risi Competizione, Aasco, PTG, Kondrad, and even a couple of manufacturers, SAleen, Panoz, etc. However, a multiyear deal with a top team and manufacturer has not come yet. Keep the faith.

Q: Congratulations on your fantastic finish at Barber. I'm glad I was at the track to see it. What were your thoughts after you bounced off the Corvette in Turn 1?

Borcheller: Don't get hit, stall or get stuck, and I can still win this thing!

Q: Was Kevin Doran there to see you win?

Borcheller: Kevin Doran was not at the track. He's been involved through the entire process of getting the car to where it is now. He, however, had prior commitments that kept him from being at Barber.

Q: Congratulations Terry on an outstanding drive. What are the advantages and disadvantages of driving a Daytona Prototype compared to an open prototype?

Borcheller: The open cockpit cars remind me of a go-kart, which is where I started. They are lighter, cooler and have better visibility. The Daytona Prototype is not as nimble, more restricted and definitely hot. I think the Daytona Prototypes will be a much safer car than the open cockpit prototypes ere.

Q: Congrats on being the first champion of our new event! Please share your observations and opinions on the new track at Barber Motorsports Park and on your visit to the Birmingham area.

Borcheller: The Barber track and facility was first class all the way! The racetrack layout was very technical and challenging. It had a great rhythm and was a lot of fun, not just to race but also to drive. The track was very fan-friendly and well thought out. I didn't get a chance to see a lot of Birmingham, although a late night visit to the emergency room to check on our crew guys from the Grand-Am Cup race was interesting. The countryside was beautiful and I'm looking forward to moving closer to the South. My family and I will be moving to Lake Lanier, Ga. in November.

Q: How does the Doran JE4 handle compared to other cars you've driven? What does it do well and what might need a little improvement? See you at Watkins Glen.

Borcheller: The Doran JE4 handles well. In its defense for any shortcomings, there are not many, we simple have not had the car long enough or been able to find enough time to test properly. There is still a lot of work to do, but the Doran JE4 is a great starting point. We'll be trying to get the car some track miles, wind tunnel time and on a shaker rig in the next month or so. This will help us to continue to develop a great car. The biggest difference from most cars I've driven is that it does not have power steering. The drivability is a lot like the Saleen S7R in that you have a lot of torque but quite a bit less downforce than the S7R. It's a very fun car to drive and rewards driving it hard without over driving. The Goodyear tires have been great also.

Q: With Porche being the giant that it is and having such a great win, can you tell me your feelings on this Chevy powerplant that you are using and how it fairs up against them.

Borcheller: The Porsche FABCARS have less torque, about the same horsepower, depending on what's plugged into that little box, and they are allowed a six-speed gearbox. Keith Roberts builds our Chevy engines and we believe we will be very competitive to the Porsche engines for a lot less money.

Q: I heard there was an accident while the crew was working on the #54 Chevy. What happened and which crew members were hurt?

Borcheller: The accident happened the day before the Rolex race, in the Grand-Am Cup event. We (Bell Motorsports BMW M3 GS II #54) had the lead and needed one more splash of fuel. We came in and had a prefect stop. However, when I was leaving the pit box, I couldn't get out of first gear. The team pushed me behind the wall, and in the heat of the battle wanting to win, they went under the car a split second before the jack stands and the jack broke. Bernie and Shane were trapped and both received a pretty good burn. Both were back to work on Sunday.

Q: I don't have a question, just a statement. I work at the track part time on the weekends for the Grounds Crew. My dad and daughter also work with me. We were able to see only the last 10 or so laps from the top of Race Control. That pass at the end was incredible. It just goes to show that you have to keep focused and keep your guard up until you cross that white line the final time. Also, you brought a certain class to the Winners Circle. After receiving your trophy and having pictures made with the media, you made sure that whomever came up to speak to you, you gave them your utmost attention. My dad is the one that has never been to any kind of race and yet you signed the Barber Motorsports hat you gave him and spent some time actually chatting with him. Only one other very important person signed his hat and spent a little time chatting with him that day. His name is George Barber. The two of you show real class by making sure that you spend time with your fans! We are now going to find a glass case for his Barber Motorsports hat that was signed by the winner of the first Grand American Road Race [at Barber] and the owner of the Barber Motorsports Park. I haven't seen my 72-year-old dad that happy in a long time. Good luck for the rest of the season, and I hope to see you again next year.

Borcheller: Randy, it was a pleasure meeting you and your family. I'm glad it was a good experience for everyone. Thanks for your support!


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