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John Heinricy ( ...

John Heinricy (#35 SGS Corvette):
"We got the car working good. We had a few changes to make from last night's practice on the Corvettes. The guys had it all ready and got it out on the pits first so that I could get a good shot early on in the session. That got me up in front and I was able to get a good clean lap really quickly. They had the car set up perfectly for me and I was able to get it (the fast lap) on I think the second lap. Then we were able to cool down and just wait and see what happened for the rest of the session. It was kind of the ideal situation where you go our and run one lap and sit and wait and see how things go. Luckily we were good enough for the pole. We are planning on running this corvette in the GT series tomorrow night. >From what we've see so far, running both practices, the Phoenix American Motorsports Corvette is going to be the same setup for both series and it looks like its running good."

Bill Pate (#43 C2K Acura Integra R):
"Qualifying went pretty good. We didn't do our laps until later on. The tires would go off in about three laps. We got ours (good laps) toward the end so we are pretty comfortable. The car is going to be good at night but we may be a little loose during the day. I think we'll be fine. The team put this car together in about three weeks. We crashed our Corvette at Homestead really bad and hurt the team owner. Taking three weeks and getting to second place speaks highly of this team."

Mike Van Sicklin (#64 ST Acura Integra):
"I'm ecstatic. This is actually my first pole. The guys did a great job setting up the car. It was spot on as soon as I went out. I did the time on my second lap out, then some of the guys got off and drug some debris out on the track and that was about it. Last night was the first time I had ever driven at night to it was a whole new experience for me."

Pete Halsmer (#69 C2K Honda Civic Si):
"We got out there and found an opening. Sometimes it's just a matter of finding an opening. You don't have a lot of time to get in a fast lap. Found an opening, got in a good lap. The car felt good, from the beginning when we got here, we're really starting to get to know the car. The team is getting to know how to set it up. They're doing an excellent job. This is the same setup we' ll race with. There's not enough time to fool around with it. We basically try and set it up for the race, then we try to get as much out of it as we can for qualifying, so we' re pleased with that.

John Schmitt (#00 C2K Honda Civic Si):
"Qualifying went really well. Pete (Halsmer) helped out, we basically just followed Pete in the places where I was having trouble. He helped me get through some turns a lot better. We picked up some speed in the banking. The two turns I was really having trouble with were turn one and turn nine. He just really helped me out."

Jeff Trask (#34 ST BMW Z3 Coupe):
"Everything went pretty well. The car was a little tighter than I wanted it to be. I could 've got it to turn a little better but it was okay overall. A good qualifying effort. Our car is going to get looser as the day goes on so we're going to leave it the way it is."

Mike Keravich III (#77 ST Acura Integra R):
"We started out on stickers so we knew pretty much going in we had like five laps to do what I had to do. They went off after six and we came up a couple of tenths short. We actually won here last year and eventually ended up getting disqualified. It was kind of silly. We came here with a lot of confidence, so I think we're going to be okay."

Sylvan Tremblay (#65 SGS Porsche 911 Supercup):
"The track was actually very good today. This is a very nice facility. I've always enjoyed racing here. This is my third time here and this is a new car for us, for our team, and Selby Wellman owns the car, he was gracious enough to let me qualify it. I made a big boo-boo on the first hot lap and spun the car, gathered it back up and ended up being third so we're pleasantly surprised. We're looking forward to the race. It should be really good event for us."

Devin Powell (#11 SGS Corvette):
"It went well. The car ran really well, we didn't rip off quick laps quite as well as the other Corvette but it's a long three-hour race. We're up front which means we're out of trouble so it should be a good race, just gotta make it through all three hours in the heat in the Valley of the Sun here."


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