Motorola Cup Race Quotes

Motorola Cup Race Quotes Todd Snyder - Winner Grand Sports -- ...

Motorola Cup Race Quotes

Todd Snyder - Winner Grand Sports -- #17 Todd Snyder ZippoManufac/Ford Cobra R - We had a great car and a great team. We used up the car a little bit and once we got to the front, we just held on for the win.

Mark Ackley -- Winner Grand Sports -- #17 Todd Snyder Zippo Manufacturing Ford Cobra R --This has been an awesome day. I definitely had the easier shift. I thought we lost the race when I went too hard into turn one, but this guy is awesome. He brought it back to the front; he's been helping me all year.

Jeff McMillin - Second Place Grand Sports -- #22 Bombadier Aerospace 1995 BMW M3 - It was outstanding. We had a really great car. It was a team effort, but unfortunately, we didn't have quite enough at the end.

Howard Liebengood - Winner Sports -- #72 Global Import/Lear/BMW Manufacturing/BMW23 Coupe -- It was a wonderful race. The crew did an awesome job on pit stops. They were so solid and so quick; we didn't have any problems. We set a quick pace early, this is my home track and crew did a great job today.

Andy Lally -- Winner Sports -- #72 Global Import/Lear/BMW Manufacturing/BMW23 Coupe -- I would like to thank the whole team and a lot of others helped out. Pennzoil, BMW, and Safety Locks have been part of this whole deal. I would like to send out a special hello to Rich Rodale Elementary students.

Chris Gleason -- Second Place Sports -- #90 Lexus of Annapolis 1999 Lexus GS 400 - It's terrific; we hung in there. We had a stop-and-go penalty that kind of set us back. But you got to have a good finish before you have a good result.

Bob Endicott -- Touring Winner -- #71 BBS 1998 Acura Integra - Well, my co-driver did most of the work. He had such a lead by the time I got in the car that I just had to finish. But it was a great race, real clean, no body damage... well maybe just a little.

Peter Schwartzott -- Touring Winner -- #71 BBS 1998 Acura Integra - It was great. It was a fabulous race. This is a great racetrack, as everybody knows. It's world class. We're excited about next season. Things are gonna get bigger and better and we hope to be here. 2nd Place, Touring Class

John Wymore - Second Place Sports -- #43 US Filter 1996 Mazda MX-7 -- I started the car today. I just tried to hang in there in the beginning, give a good car to Dick so he could have a good run at the end.

John Phillips III -- Winner Compact -- #91 Electrical Technologies 1999 Mazda Miata -- Crashed the car in practice Thursday, put it back together. Today was fine. The car was perfect.

Peter Tonelli -- Winner Compact -- #91 Electrical Technologies 1999 Mazda Miata -- The race went fine. I actually started with the race with Craig Conway in the #11 Pontiac. After I did about an hour and five minutes, to the first or second full-course yellow we came in and put Conway in the car. By chance the hour and fifteen-minute next yellow was in our window. Mind you, it was on the tail end of the window. If it weren't for the final yellow we probably would not have made it.

Bob Beede - Second Place Compact -- #27 Kendall Motor Oil 1995 Honda Del Sol -- It was a great race and a lot of fun. I was working real hard at the beginning to get good lap times, but we couldn't catch up to the #91 Mazda; he was just flying. The track is beautiful. There is a lot of grip in the corners and it's real smooth.

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