Mont-Tremblant: Post-race quotes

6 Heures du Circuit Mont-Tremblant Quotes Max Papis, driver of the No. 01 CompUSA Chip Ganassi Racing Lexus Riley "This win is fantastic To give the first win in Grand American racing to Chip (Ganassi), Lexus and CompUSA is wonderful. We really...

6 Heures du Circuit Mont-Tremblant Quotes

Max Papis, driver of the No. 01 CompUSA Chip Ganassi Racing Lexus Riley
"This win is fantastic To give the first win in Grand American racing to Chip (Ganassi), Lexus and CompUSA is wonderful. We really wanted this one very bad. Winning four consecutive poles was great, but we knew that we had the speed to win, and it was just a matter of putting it all together. This win was a true team success."

Scott Pruett, driver of the No. 01 CompUSA Chip Ganassi Racing Lexus Riley
"It was great for Chip Ganassi Racing, for Lexus, for CompUSA. The first win is always the most difficult to get and always the sweetest. Max did a great job, the guys did a great job, and the car never missed a beat. The car was so much fun to drive and this is a fun track.

Chip Ganassi, owner of the No. 01 and No. 02 CompUSA Chip Ganassi Racing Lexus Riley
"Obviously, we've won a lot of poles, and we've had a good season so far, but we hadn't brought a victory home. That's what racing is all about."

Didier Theys, driver of the No. 27 Doran-Lista Racing Lexus Doran
"It was a very competitive race. There were so many different leaders and the cars are so closely matched. We tried different tire compounds today. When I was in the car I didn't like my tire compound; the track was very slippery and I was not comfortable. Then when Jan was in the car we found a compound that we liked."

Kevin Doran
"At least we didn't crash. It was a great race. It was really three two-hour sprint races running flat out. We lost the handle on it in the middle when the surface got really greasy. Didier got it sorted out and then when Jan was in it the second time he liked the tire compound. It was definitely a different surface than we've ever had here before. I think it's because the race has moved to the spring, and this was one of the first really warm days they've had here. I think the oil in the track boiled up to the surface, and that was why some of the compounds didn't work like we e xpected them to. But it's great to see two DORAN JE4s on the podium."

Jan Magnussen, driver of the No. 27 Doran-Lista Racing Lexus Doran
"I'm happy for the team; it didn't look like we'd get on the podium today for awhile. Obviously I'd like to win, but second is good. And I had no trouble with anybody today. We had some damage to the left front; Didier had problems with a Porsche on a restart and there was contact between me and the Crawford--I think it's the No. 4 - he ran out of fuel or something and just stopped in front of me. We worked through all sorts of tire compounds; we really chased the track today. Our Lexus engine was very good. I'm glad we're on the podium. It was a hard-fought race all the way. You were always fighting with somebody."

Andy Pilgrim, driver of the No. 54 Kodak Bell Motorsports Pontiac Doran
"I think it was the hardest-fought third place I've ever had. We overcame so many challenges that it feels like a win. We did not have a top-three car today; we had a top-10 car. So to get third is a phenomenal achievement for the team. I got hit by the Michael Shank car; that's why I spun. It was just a racing thing; they apologized. But the car was not straight after that. The wheel nuts were coming off; they came off twice while Terry was in the car, and once the whole wheel came off and Terry had to drive it back into the pits from the backstretch. But Thomas Blam, our strategist, did a terrific job and so did the entire crew. Terry drove the first two hours, I drove the second two hours and Terry drove the last two hours. It was a tough, tough race."

Forest Barber, owner of the No. 54 Kodak Bell Motorsports Pontiac Doran
"I didn't drive because I was more concerned with our finishing position today, and we had to go with our top drivers. In spite of a lot of obstacles, we overcome them and got a podium finish for the Kodak EasyShare team. Our Pontiac engine was terrific. We had great pit strategy by Thomas Blam; not pitting for fuel near the end gave us a chance. Mechanically the car was good but we had a problem with our wheel nuts. But if was a good podium finish for the Bell Motorsports crew, and hopefully this is the beginning of the end of some unfortunate luck we've had this year."

Terry Borcheller, driver of the No. 54 Kodak Bell Motorsports Pontiac Doran
"To come out of the weekend with a podium finish is great. We had obstacles from the beginning of the weekend throughout the whole race. Andy got hit on his first flying lap and we went a lap down. A front wheel came off twice; luckily it was under yellow both times. One time it came totally off the car. That happened on the backstraight; I had to drive it back to the pits on three wheels. But it was fun to always be in contention. I drove about four hours and my muscles are tired, but I really feel fine. I could drink some water and go some more today. Phoenix was worse."

"To come out of the weekend with a third-place finish is just unbelievable for everybody involved with Bell Motorsports. From the beginning of the weekend, it seemed like we struggled the whole time and it just continued right into the race. Lo and behold, we got a podium, so it's pretty amazing for the team. I had the front wheel come off twice, and thankfully it was under yellow both times. One time it came all the way off the car on the back straightaway, and I drove back to the pits on three wheels. Tony Stewart did it, so ...

"But we were still in contention the whole time. Even when Andy was hit and we lost a lap, we were able to make the lap back, and that made it really exciting for the crew."

Jimmy Morales, driver of the No. 02 CompUSA Chip Ganassi Racing Lexus Riley
"The car was fantastic and extremely fast all day long. The tire puncture in the beginning really hurt us a lot. We worked very hard to get our lap back. When we got back up to fourth position on the lead lap, we thought we had a chance to race for the win. We were running much faster than the front runners, and at that time we had a very good chance to win the race, then the right rear came off and that was the end of that."

Luis Diaz, driver of the No. 02 CompUSA Chip Ganassi Racing Lexus Riley
"It was a very tough race. The CompUSA Chip Ganassi team did a great job to set up the cars during the weekend. Unfortunately, racing is like this. We had too many problems and bad luck. The guys all worked very hard and Jimmy (Morales) did a great job. I was just trying to score us a top-ten finish. We are learning more and more every race, and we will come back stronger. This is racing, sometimes we had bad luck and sometimes other guys do."

Michael Shank, owner of the No. 6 Michael Shank Racing Lexus Doran
"I think Burt drove the stint of his life in the middle stages of the race to keep us in the game; it was a really impressive performance. It was a long day, and this isn't the result we came looking for, but we are still very much in the fight for the team championship. My guys had the best race I think I have ever seen them do as far as pit stops."

Oswaldo Negri, driver of the No. 6 Michael Shank Racing Lexus Doran
"It was looking promising until the last stint! Its good to finish on the lead lap, but we need to figure it out to get our pace closer to the No. 01 car. We will build on this for the Glen, though, and keep fighting. I have to mention that the guys did an outstanding job in the pits-we managed to pick up at least one position each time we came in for a stop, and that is so important here in Rolex, as it's so competitive."

Burt Frisselle, driver of the No. 6 Michael Shank Racing Lexus Doran
"We worked so hard, and we were right where we wanted to be until the No. 2 car knocked us off track, and that changed our race considerably. It was a great experience to finish the six hour, and to have battled for position all day and even leading the race. We need to keep working on the car as we just didn't have the pace of some of the other guys."

"I was impressed that Jan (Lammers) came over and apologized for hitting me after the race. It was really a classy move."

Cort Wagner, driver of the No. 81 G&W Motorsports BWM Doran JE4
"Overall it was a great race. The crew did an amazing job on getting the car ready. They worked super hard to get that motor in last night. It was a real dash to the Canadian border to get it picked up and back up here and in the Doran."

"The car handled amazingly considering we had no time to set it up. Brent (Martini) did a great job in his first race back, especially since he didn't have much seat time this weekend. He was competitive and got faster each lap."

Brent Martini, driver of the No. 81 G&W Motorsports BWM Doran JE4
"It was a great experience. The car was fantastic. I have a little issue with the seat that caused my leg to go to sleep after about 60 minutes, so that's something we'll need to get worked out before Watkins Glen. But overall it felt great. My shoulder feels good, and the team did an amazing job this weekend."

"Getting the engine here was a real cooperative effort between G&W Motorsports and The sponsor actually drove down to the border to get it through customs and bring it back up to us yesterday. We are so thankful to have a great sponsor like that is willing to go the extra mile for the team."

Kelly Collins, driver of the No. 81 G&W Motorsports BWM Doran JE4
"In all honesty, this whole weekend was a challenge. But when you're faced with something like this, you've go to reach down deep and try to figure out how to pull through it. It was going to be sink or swim, and we were determined to swim and get whatever points we could. We were coming from last and had everything to gain and nothing to lose."

"Even though we missed all the practice and qualifying sessions, we really had a good setup. The car handled a lot better than any of us thought it would. We could run really competitive laps, and we're happy with our finish. Even though we lost the points lead, I think we're only two points down to (Scott) Pruett and (Max) Papis. We'll get them back at The Glen."

Shane Lewis, driver of the No. 7 Southard Motorsports BMW
"I really like this track but it didn't like us today. We had a really wild ride there when the left rear rocker arm snapped going over the crest of the hill. And while I want to thank the crew for making me out a hero for bringing the car back in one piece, truth is I was just holding on. There for a second I thought for sure I was going to end-up bear chow in the woods. The PAP-Parts/AutoAssets crew did a great job all weekend but we just never got to where we needed to be. The BMW ran well, but these big tracks just aren't very good right now for us."

Chris Gleason, driver of the No. 66 The Racer's Group Porsche GT3 RS
"It was a crazy weekend. I came up on Thursday night and then flew back to Pennsylvania for my son's college graduation from Gettysburg College. I flew up this morning from Philadelphia and just made it in time for the start of the race. The plan we had worked well; Ian did a double stint, then RJ got in, then I did a double stint, and then Ian did about the last hour and a half. The car was good; we had no major problems. Lars and his merry band did a great job. To get a second-pace finish was good. The lead BMW was a wounded duck at the end and slowed up; we were closing but we couldn't catch them. But we got third at Phoenix and second here, so now we're casting our eyes with longing at the top step of the podium."

Mike Fitzgerald, driver of the No. 44 Orbit Racing Porsche
"We had a pretty tough race today. We had a cut water line that cost us about 20 laps; we might have been on the podium if it wasn't for that. But the car was great and we had a pretty good pace. When I got back in the second time, I had a really fun dice with some of the GT cars with a lot of the faster guys in them. I enjoyed it even though we didn't finish too well. We're looking forward to the Glen - Rodger [team owner Hawley] and I put our heads together and I think we've come up with some ways to make the car even better."

Jay Policastro, driver of the No. 44 Orbit Racing Porsche
"We had a great car today. We got caught out early on a yellow flag, and we had a problem with a cooling hose on the car, but the guys did a great job of repairing it and got us back out. The last two hours we ran, the car was fantastic. It's a shame - I think we really had a second-place car today. We could run with just about everybody. We'll take it to Watkins Glen, and hopefully we'll have a little better luck."

Joe Policastro, driver of the No. 44 Orbit Racing Porsche
"Today was a heck of a race. I think we had the potential to win, but fate had it, we just blew a water hose out - it had a small crack in it - and it put us 20 laps down. It was just a fluke, not something anyone could anticipate. The crew did an outstanding job this weekend, really worked their butts off. It's a delight to work with these guys. We'll try to improve at Watkins Glen."

Mae Van Wijk, driver of the G&W Motorsports No. 86 Porsche GT3 Cup
"That was my best finish so far, so I'm very happy. This was my first time racing at Mont-Tremblant, and I think it is a beautiful track. It's really a driver's course with all the elevation changes and a few of the corner combinations."

"Some of the GT and SGS cars might have had problems with the Daytona Prototypes, but I didn't really have any issues with my approach to racing. Wherever you decide to race, you should be able to deal with that situation."


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