Mont-Tremblant: Doran-Lista Racing race report

Doran-Lista DORAN JE4 Lexus Finishes Second at Mont-Tremblant Sunday MONT-TREMBLANT, Quebec, May 23 - The Doran-Lista Racing DORAN JE4 Lexus ...

Doran-Lista DORAN JE4 Lexus Finishes Second at Mont-Tremblant Sunday

MONT-TREMBLANT, Quebec, May 23 - The Doran-Lista Racing DORAN JE4 Lexus #27 and drivers Jan Magnussen and Didier Theys finished second Sunday in a very competitive Six Hours of Mont-Tremblant Rolex series race at Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant.

Finding the right Goodyear tire compound for the track conditions proved to be the biggest challenge Sunday, but fuel strategy ended up being the determining factor in who finished where. The Doran-Lista team pitted under a full-course yellow late in the race to be sure it had the best tires and enough fuel to complete the race, whereas some of the other teams chose to stay out and gamble that they could go the distance. That put Magnussen in fourth for the very last run, with the goal being to chase down the three cars ahead of him. He was able to pass all but one before time ran out, but team owner Kevin Doran said that would have taken a lot of luck anyway.

With about a half-hour to go Magnussen zoomed by Butch Leitzinger for third. He then took aim at Terry Borcheller, who was 1.7 seconds ahead of him. The eventual winner, Scott Pruett in the CompUSA Riley Lexus, had a 5.7-second lead at that point.

Magnussen passed Borcheller for second place about 10 minutes later. Although Pruett slowed for awhile to conserve fuel he still had enough to go the distance. The race ended under yellow after the the Cegwa Sport Fabcar Lexus hit a barrier and stopped on the track with three laps to go, so the Pruett/Max Papis combo took the victory. The other two podium finishes were both DORAN JE4s, as Borcheller was third in the Bell Motorsports Pontiac.

Magnussen drove the first third and the last third of the race, with Didier Theys handling the driving duties in the middle. Magnussen was one of six drivers to lead the race, leading 31 laps of the 200-lap contest.

Post race quotes follow:

JAN MAGNUSSEN: "I'm happy for the team; it didn't look like we'd get on the podium today for awhile. Obviously I'd like to win, but second is good. And I had no trouble with anybody today. We had some damage to the left front; Didier had problems with a Porsche on a restart and there was contact between me and the Crawford--I think it's the #4--he ran out of fuel or something and just stopped in front of me. We worked through all sorts of tire compounds; we really chased the track today. Our Lexus engine was very good. I'm glad we're on the podium. It was a hard-fought race all the way. You were always fighting with somebody."

DIDIER THEYS: "It was a very competitive race. There were so many different leaders and the cars are so closely matched. We tried different tire compounds today. When I was in the car I didn't like my tire compound; the track was very slippery and I was not comfortable. Then when Jan was in the car we found a compound that we liked."

KEVIN DORAN: "At least we didn't crash! It was a great race. It was really three two-hour sprint races running flat out. We lost the handle on it in the middle when the surface got really greasy. Didier got it sorted out and then when Jan was in it the second time he liked the tire compound. It was definitely a different surface than we've ever had here before. I think it's because the race has moved to the spring, and this was one of the first really warm days they've had here. I think the oil in the track boiled up to the surface, and that was why some of the compounds didn't work like we expected them to. But it's great to see two DORAN JE4s on the podium."


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