Mont-Tremblant: Chip Ganassi Racing preview

Pre-Race Driver Quotes: Scott Pruett, ...

Pre-Race Driver Quotes:

Scott Pruett, #01 driver: "I've never been to this track before, but I've heard a lot of wonderful things. Just from what I saw driving in here toady, the track looks beautiful, it looks fast, it looks sweeping, and it looks very European. I can't wait to get on it. This is a long six-hour event. The CompUSA guys are real buttoned-down on their stops and we've worked really hard to pick up speed in every element that we can. Our consistency has been there and we're going to see if we can pull out a win here. We've been knocking on the door, and hopefully we can get a win this weekend. Six-hours is a long run, not like 24-hours, but certainly not as short as the last couple of races we've run. Strategy is very important and the CompUSA team is ready for the challenge."

Luis Diaz, #02 driver: "I am every excited about racing in Mont-Tremblant. It has been a long time since our last race. I have been racing go karts to stay in shape. I am very excited to be here because this kind of circuit is my specialty. The races that I have won in the past have been on (permanent road course) tracks like this one. The CompUSA team is very motivated and I think that this is going to be a great race for us. Every race we are learning a lot more about each other and about the cars. I am very motivated to win and I am looking forward to the race on Sunday."

Jimmy Morales, #02 driver: "This is the first real (permanent) road course that we've been to this year, which is what I am accustomed to. I think it is going to take some practice for us to learn this racetrack because it has lots of blind corners. I think that we are going to be more comfortable on this type of racetrack, rather than on the infields of oval tracks. We are looking to have better results than we've had before."

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