Lime Rock: Starwords Motorsport preview

EXCITING MEMORIAL DAY RACING CHALLENGE AWAITS STARWORKS MOTORSPORT DRIVERS ON LIME ROCK SHORT TRACK! The four drivers of Starworks Motorsports, Dalziel, Forest, Lester and Andersen are eager to start racing at Lime Rock Park. After a 36...


The four drivers of Starworks Motorsports, Dalziel, Forest, Lester and Andersen are eager to start racing at Lime Rock Park. After a 36 day break, the teams of the Rolex Series are heading to Connecticut to race for the first time on the Lime Rock Park 1.5-mile circuit.

In all forms of motorsports, some of the most popular racing is on the short tracks. In the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, that means places like Bristol Motor Speedway or Martinsville Speedway. In the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series presented by Crown Royal Cask No. 16, the closest thing to a short track is Lime Rock Park in Lakeville, Conn., scene of the May 31 Memorial Day Classic. Grand-Am's lead class, the Daytona Prototypes, will lap the seven-turn, 1.5-mile circuit about every 49 seconds. Add in a full field of production-based GT cars - which average 53-second laps - and it means an afternoon of side-by-side fender-rubbing excitement!

After a productive day of testing at the track following the Barber race, Starworks Motorsport drivers feel confident that their cars will be competitive on the Connecticut circuit.

Ryan Dalziel, who is currently ranked second in the 2010 Grand-Am Rolex Sports car Series point standings, is pleased with his Lime Rock test and is looking forward to that race.

"I think Lime Rock will be a great venue for the DP field" commented Ryan Dalziel. "After driving there in the past I was curious to see how the Grand-Am Daytona Prototypes would fare up on the fast, twisty Connecticut circuit, and I have to say I was really impressed. It's going to be a wild race for the fans and Starworks have been working really hard since Virginia to improve their car performances. We know where we lacked a little at VIR and have since corrected those problems. Tie that in with a really productive post VIR test at Lime Rock and we should be up front at the end," added Dalziel.

Mike Forest who won the Jim Trueman Award at Barber, thanks to his 6th place finish, also feels great about going to Lime Rock and wants to focus on a good result since he is now 5th in the 2010 Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series point standings and would like to improve his ranking.

"Lime Rock has the potential to be another really good race for the #8 Corsa Car Care Starworks car," announced a confident Mike Forest. "With the testing program we ran during the test day we didn't do many laps but we were happy with the speed we showed in those laps. The program will allow us to return with an improved car and hit the ground running, which is always critical in a single day event. As for how the race will unfold that is an unknown, it will be the first time both the DP's & the GT's will run combined. 30 cars on a 1.5 mile course it is going to be crowded, hopefully everyone will exercise some patience and there will be 30 cars finishing the race, 29 of which are behind us," added the young Canadian.

The #7 Flex-Box Starworks Motorsport Dinan-BMW Riley has not be too lucky during the last three races. Despite three top ten finishes, Bill Lester and Kasper Andersen are looking to score their first top five at Lime Rock.

"Just like on a NASCAR short track, I expect Lime Rock to be a race with plenty of action," stated Bill Lester. "With 30 cars in 2 classes on a 1.5 mile track with only one clear passing zone, the racing will be intense. Drivers will probably be leaning on each other more so than usual and frustration could easily give way to pushing and shoving. Just finishing this race could be an accomplishment and having a fast car here could pay off handsomely. I'm looking forward to our #7 Flex-Box Starworks car having a clean, trouble free top 5 run and quickly moving on to Watkins Glen," added Lester.

Kasper Andersen returns to Rolex Series competition after missing the last race at VIR due to the Volcano problems in Europe.

"I think Lime Rock is an awesome track and the team had a successful and productive test day there, showing some great speed," Andersen said. "I think our setup suits the track well. It is going be hard to pass so qualifying is going to be crucial and the key if you want to have a good finish. I look forward to this new challenge and to be back in the Starworks Motorsport Flex-Box Dinan-BMW Riley with my teammate Bill Lester," added the young Danish driver.

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