Homestead: The Racer's Group qaulifying notes

The Racer's Group qualifies on pole for Nextel Grand Prix of Miami. Sonoma, CA. -- Feb. 28, 2003 -- The Racer's Group accomplished another goal today, as Kevin Buckler qualified the ...

The Racer's Group qualifies on pole for Nextel Grand Prix of Miami.

Sonoma, CA. -- Feb. 28, 2003 -- The Racer's Group accomplished another goal today, as Kevin Buckler qualified the #66 Porsche 911 GT3 RS on the pole for the Nextel Grand Prix of Miami. Buckler drove his fast lap on the last go-round of qualifying, beating the #33 Ferrari 360 GT by a nose. Car #66, which had a temporary home for the last two weeks in the museum at Daytona, USA, set a qualifying mark of 1:20.899, besting the #33 Ferrari by .00223 seconds.

Kevin Buckler, lead driver and team owner of The Racer's Group, was happy with the day's results. "I called in on the radio with about three minutes left to go in qualifying to ask my crew chief where we stood, and his response was 'You're not going to believe it,' He told me that we were three-hundredths off of its pace, so I sucked it up and went for it on my last lap. I picked up most of my speed in the banking -- it was pretty hairy, but we did it."

Buckler was enthusiastic about his teammate and his crew. "RJ was fantastic in morning practice today. It's his first time driving with me, and he was awesome. My crew, as usual, was tremendous. We're operating with pretty limited resources right now, but everyone put their heads down and went to work. I'm proud to hold the flag high for Porsche and nip the Ferrari. Between RJ and me, we've got a good chance at winning this thing tomorrow."

RJ Valentine, CEO of the MBA Group and owner of F1 Boston, a premier indoor karting facility in Boston, Mass., was satisfied with the day's results. "I was happy this morning to have some more seat time in this car. We practiced our tails off prior to Daytona, and I got pretty familiar with the Porsche then, but today was great for me. I'm feeling confident in my driving, and the crew does nothing but add to that confidence. With Kevin qualifying on the pole, I'm excited at the prospect of tomorrow's race. Sprints are always a little nerve-wracking, as you're full out the whole time, but I've got to say that I like our chances."

The Grand-Am Nextel Grand Prix of Miami will be broadcast on March 8, 2003 on Speed Channel, at 3pm EST.

The Racer's Group is a manufacturer and distributor of high performance Porsche parts, an engine and chassis building and tuning facility, a full service Porsche prep facility, and a professional race team. Additionally, they provide electrical and mechanical engineering services, driver development and "arrive and drive" services. They are also the North American distributor of the UNICHIP, a fully programmable piggyback computer system that enhances the performance of streetcars and currently support approximately 130 dealers in the U.S. The Racer's Group is based at Infineon Raceway, formerly Sears Point Raceway, in Sonoma, Calif.

F1 Boston is America's premier karting facility, and combines two indoor karting tracks with conference, gaming and entertainment facilities. F1 Boston hosts corporate team-building events, conferences, exhibitions and of course, racing. The facility hosts public and corporate league racing, as well as junior karting instruction and development. The biggest part of the business caters to corporate events, sales meetings, product rollouts, and any other sort of meetings that companies need. F1 ends it all with adrenaline-fueled team building events and loads of participatory fun.


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