Homestead: Synergy Racing race report

Synergy Racing Grabs Fourth and Eighth Place in GT at Grand Prix of Miami Daytona Prototype Finishes 15th After Impress Run in Lead MIAMI, Fla. (March 5, 2005) -- Synergy Racing scored a fourth- and eighth-place finish in the Rolex Sports...

Synergy Racing Grabs Fourth and Eighth Place in GT at Grand Prix of Miami Daytona Prototype Finishes 15th After Impress Run in Lead

MIAMI, Fla. (March 5, 2005) -- Synergy Racing scored a fourth- and eighth-place finish in the Rolex Sports Car Series GT class at the Grand Prix of Miami on Saturday. Drivers Craig Stanton, of Long Beach, Calif., and David Murry, of Atlanta, Ga., partnered for a fourth-place finish in the No. 80 Porsche GT3 Cup, while Mae Van Wijk, of Houston, Texas, and Murry teamed up for an eighth-place finish in the No. 81 Porsche sponsored by and

After an exciting run in the lead, the No. 8 BMW Doran JE4 of Burt and Brian Frisselle of Aventrua, Fla., took the checkered flag in 15th place overall at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

Murry, Stanton Score Fourth-Place Finish After turning the third-quickest time in the GT class during qualifying, Murry was forced to start the No. 80 Porsche at the back of the gird due to the car's wing height exceeding technical specifications. However, that was no problem for the Porsche driver, who quickly worked his way up through the field into the top 10.

"Starting at the back of the grid was no problem," Stanton said. "David ran through pretty quick. I think he gave me the car over in fifth or something like that."

Stanton continued the No. 80 Porsche's progression through the GT field and ran as high as second in the class. But, a bit of trouble during a pit stop caused the car to drop back in the ranks before Stanton maneuvered his way back up to fourth place for the finish.

Van Wijk, Murry Awarded for Advancement During Race Although Murry was dubbed the iron man for the Grand Prix of Miami, competing in the both the No. 80 and No. 81 Porsches, Van Wijk proved she was an iron woman during Saturday's race, driving one of the longest racing stints of her career. The 22-year-old Houstonian started the No. 81 Porsche sponsored by and, 24th on the GT grid and had it as high as 12th in GT before handing the controls over to Murry far past the midway point of the race.

"I'm not going to lie; it was tough after a while (doing such a long stint.) I was not expecting it to take so much out of me as it did," admitted Van Wijk. "I just concentrated as well as I could and paid attention to what David and Craig told me. I was able to put in some decent lap times and bring it home to David in a good position."

Once Murry took the wheel of the No. 81 Porsche, he was able to gain a little more ground to bring it to the checkered flag in eighth place in the GT class.

"I'm really happy with what Mae did today," Murry said. "She did an awesome job and ran some great lap time. She did the majority of the driving in the No. 81 car. I only did about an hour and 15 minutes."

Van Wijk and Murry's tremendous improvement during the race from 24th to eighth place earned them the SunTrust Improve Your Position Award. Daytona Prototype Takes a Run in the Front Burt Frisselle started the No. 8 BMW Doran eighth on the starting grid and slowly began to work his way up through the field. When some of the leaders pitted during an early caution, the elder Frisselle was able to gain some more ground and advance to third overall.

However there was nothing easy about the final two positions he picked off to take the lead. After an intense three-way battle for second place, the Daytona Prototype was able to claim second by passing the polesitting No. 58 Daytona Prototype of Brumos Racing, piloted by former Synergy Racing (then G&W Motorsports) driver Darren Law.

Burt then targeted in on the Christian Fittapaldi in the leading No. 54 Daytona Prototype of Bell Motorsports. On lap 34, Fittapaldi dropped low on the track at the start finish line to pass a pair of GT cars, but Burt maneuvered the machine even lower to slide by and take the lead.

The BMW Doran led the Grand Prix of Miami for nine laps before the eventual winner, No. 10 SunTrust Racing car, took over at the front on lap 43 as the car's tires began to let go after the intense racing.

Burt brought the car in on lap 51 to hand the reins over to his younger brother Brian. The Rolex Series rookie had a rocky start to his stint, going off course in the infield and up onto the banking unexpectedly. Later during Brian's stint some braking issues caused an unscheduled pit stop and took the Daytona Prototype out of the running for the lead.

"That was a tough stint," Brian said. "I thought I'd lost my brakes, so it was definitely something I wanted them to check on, so I brought it in. It turned out not to be that big a deal, and it was fine when I got back out there, so I just kept at it. The conditions were pretty difficult. I was surprised at how hot the car was, mostly during the caution periods, and that made things tough for me. I know we'll be working on getting our cooling system all set next time we race."

Burt re-took the controls in the closing laps of the race to bring the car home in 15th overall position.

"Overall it was 15th, but today was such a good day for Synergy Racing and the sponsor, because you know what we were able to do is really come together a lot more," said Burt Frisselle. "I was really happy we got a run in the front. It was really exciting to be leading the race.

"We had some hiccups with some brake issues, and then my brother overheated because we didn't have our cooling system in. So, we had a few hiccups, but you know after Daytona we struggled. And to come here and have some new guys and everything is finally gelling together. My brother is getting some more experience. I think we are going to be a deadly combination in a race or two," Burt continued.

Fontana Next Up for Rolex Series
Synergy Racing will now travel back to its headquarters at Virginia International Raceway and begin preparing for round three of the Rolex Series at California Speedway in Fontana. The Grand American 400K will be held April 1-3.


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