Homestead: Post-race quotes

Hurley Haywood , Driver - Brumos Racing ...

Hurley Haywood , Driver - Brumos Racing #58 Porsche-powered FABCAR Daytona Prototype

"Well, the last professional win that Brumos had was in 1994 in the Carerra GT. This formula (Daytona Prototypes) was announced down at Daytona last November and we had Dave Klym build us two cars. We are a traditional Porsche dealer, so the engine power was going to be Porsche. And the whole thing has come together remarkably well. I'm in the learning process of this whole thing. It's really nice for me. I was kinda winding down my career and I got the call to come back and I was really excited to do it. J.C. is a really perfect teammate and he's got me as his mentor, as his teacher."

J.C. France , Driver - Brumos Racing #58 Porsche-powered FABCAR Daytona Prototype

"It's incredible (to win his first professional race). It's really great. The car just kept getting better and better. I think Hurley turned his fastest lap during the last stint. Daytona Prototypes are awesome.

I kind of wore myself out doing that, but once we got up there a couple guys pitted and we had a pretty good lead so I was able to back it down a little bit and try to run the endurance race like Hurley was doing and try to save myself, the tires and the car. It was getting pretty hot, I ran out of water in the first five minutes I drained my water bottle and the caution came just in time for me. I was actually ready for a fuel stop. The fuel light had been on for four laps so we were due to come in anyway. It was really perfect timing."

Jim Bell , Team Owner - Bell Motorsports #54 Chevy-powered Doran JE4 Daytona Prototype

"We are going to park it. The problem is that we cannot get a handle right now on the engine overheating. We can run it for a while and everything is OK, but as soon as we try to lean on it a little bit the temps go up. As a result, we are just kind of cooking everything back in the motor area. So rather than continue to back up, we are going to not hurt the motor any worse or anything else and take it home and work on it a little bit more."

Terry Borcheller , Driver - Bell Motorsports #54 Chevy-powered Doran JE4 Daytona Prototype

"We were (feeling pretty good coming into the race) because of the qualifying time, but there is still so much work to be done. We haven't really taken ownership of the car from Kevin Doran yet, which means it's not finished. Hopefully, a lot of things will happen between now and Phoenix."

Forest Barber , Driver & Car Owner - Bell Motorsports #54 Chevy-powered Doran JE4 Daytona Prototype

"The conditions here are pretty hot for everyone. We are having continual problems with the overheating of the car. We'd lose a cylinder and it would cool down. We just need to work on it. But we had a good beginning with qualifying and practice here, so we'll just get the car a little bit cooler and we'll have a good season I think."

Mike Borkowski , Driver - Brumos Racing #58 Porsche-powered FABCAR Daytona Prototype

"We've just had really bad luck. These happen every once in a while. This is the second time that we've had a problem like that while we were leading - unfortunately, bad luck. We came in and the car was dead and we tried to get it started and the team was working really hard fiddling around trying to figure out where the electrical problem was. Electrical problems are weird because you can chase them and it's hard to find where it starts or where the problem is.

They kept working on it and they finally got it going, but we were down so many laps and I got going out there and for a while and it was okay, but then all of a sudden it started smoking again in the cockpit a little and I had to come in again for fire safety."

That happened a couple more times and I came in again and David jumped back into the car. Of course we're bummed out (after the electrical problems at Daytona) David and I have lead both of these races and were pulling away in both cases and we feel as though we should have two wins and have the points lead, but we don't. We will win races and I think we still have a solid chance for the championship, but we're going to have to come from behind now. So it's a bummer. We have been running good, fast, and strong. So that's a good sign."

David Donohue , Driver - Brumos Racing #58 Porsche-powered FABCAR Daytona Prototype

"We had the pole here and had high hopes but actually a switch fell out of the dash and was flopping around and ultimately shorted out and blew a big fuse. At least the car was safeguarded against burning down electrically. It took 23 minutes to fix and they really didn't know what it is when I first came in. It's really disappointing. But to see the #59 Brumos on top of the podium, it's pretty historic. I know it will really mean a lot to Bob Snodgrass and Hurley Haywood, along with J.C. France, because it's his first pro win. We still have a lot to celebrate. I wouldn't say it's bitter sweet because it's more sweet than bitter, but I'm certainly disappointed."

Brent Martini , Driver - Scuderia Ferrari of Washington #33 Ferrari

"It's an awesome treat (to be a winner in a Ferrari), incredible. I've been thinking about this since last year about what to do next with Cort (Wagner) and it seemed like a great opportunity to be a part of a championship team with championship drivers. They're putting up with me while I learn the ropes. That's a good way to learn. I tore my rotator cuff over the winter and, if I'm healthy, we plan on running the whole season for the championship."

Cort Wagner , Driver - Scuderia Ferrari of Washington #33 Ferrari

"After Daytona it feels really good. It's like you've never won in them before. It really feels good to get the Daytona monkey off our back. First, we haven't done well there and even though we had a really good car we just had lady luck go against us. It just feels great. The Dunlops have held up, the car held up. The track was pretty greasy early on so it was just a matter of balancing and mastering the car over the stint. We've picked up a lot of rubber and a lot of vibrations and your head starts moving around thinking about what's going on. But it was great. The car was good."

Darren Law , Driver - G&W Motorsports BMW-powered Picchio DP2 Daytona Prototype

"I knew it was going to be a hot day. I tried to do the race by myself. We were second overall and gaining. The heat started to get to me and I started to make mistakes. My crew kept asking me 'am I OK?, am I going to make it?' and I had to tell them no."

On the fire in the pits and dropping back from 2nd place at that point:
"I don't know what happened. When I pitted, I just jumped out of the car. I saw the car was on fire, and I watched them put it out.

The car was running good and the team did an unbelievable job. We could have won if I stuck it out. I am feeling fine now and I am ready for next time."

Jon "Chevy" Leavy , Driver - Murray's Speed & Custom Chevrolet Camaro

"It feels great (to finish first in GTS). I've had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows (here in Miami). I had the win in 2000 and the fire in 2001. And I just feel like I'm back, like it's a turning point for Grand American. They have a great series. And, now we're in victory lane. Murray's Speed & Custom. I'm hooked.

My hat goes off to him (co-driver Kenny Bupp). He gave me a whole new inspiration to my racing career. I was thinking I'm getting too old and it's over and Kenny steps in and takes it home and makes me feel like I can do this forever."

Kenny Bupp , Driver - Murray's Speed & Custom Chevrolet Camaro

"It's not even fair is it? It's a home track. It's like we know they knew us by name in every turn. It's the corner workers pulling for us. That's what did it. We can see them on every turn. Come on, local guys. The setup guy on our car did a magnificent job. The car was just a joy to drive. From the full tank until we were virtually out of gas."


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