Homestead Motorola Cup notes

GREEN FLAG at 1:15 p.m. ... leader is ...

GREEN FLAG at 1:15 p.m. ... leader is #19 Jean Domoulin in the #19 NewTech Porsche 993, a twin-turbo, all-wheel drive Porsche that is being raced for the first time; following are #37 Stu Hayner and #08 Andy Pilgrim ... Michael DeFontes and the #44 Zippo Motorsports Saleen SR Mustang takes the green flag one-and-a-half laps into the event; the car received an engine change following this morning's qualifying ... Lap 3 and the #44 car is parked alongside the course by NASCAR turn 3.

FULL COURSE YELLOW on lap three to retrieve #44 and to pick up a bumper shroud from car 41 ... Under yellow, Grand Sports class pole-sitting #97 Pontiac of Joe Kent pits for new left front tire ... Leaders under yellow are: SGS -- Stu Hayner; GS -- John Kohler; ST -- Howie Liebengood; C2K -- Gord Cullen.

GREEN FLAG on lap 7 ... #08 Andy Pilgrim (Cooper City, FL) takes lead from Hayner on lap 9 and quickly pulls out an :03.1 advantage.

FULL COURSE YELLOW on lap 12 to retrieve #69 HART Honda Civic Si driven by C2K class points leader Peter Halsmer, which has apparently been involved in an accident.

GREEN FLAG on lap 16 ... on lap 17 the #53 Team Amick Dodge Viper driven by NASCAR Busch Series competitor Hank Parker Jr., goes to the garage to repair suspension breakage.

FULL COURSE YELLOW on lap 24 to retrieve the #92 Mazda Miata of Matt Whitaker which has gone off course and is stuck in the sand trap ...

Wholesale pit stops among the leaders during the yellow flag -- Randy Pobst replaces Andy Pilgrim in #08, Devon Powell replaces Doug Goad in #11, Joe Varde replaces David Amick in #50. Lap 31 and the Grand Sports class leader, #17 John Kohler, has moved up to fourth overall ... Sport-Touring class leader is still #49 Howie Liebengood ... C2K class leader is now #00 Mike Galati in a HART Honda Civic Si which this morning received its third engine of the weekend -- this one came from a street-legal and Ohio-licensed Civic that the team carries as a parts car ... on lap 33 John Heinricy is new driver in #37 Corvette, replacing Stu Hayner.

FULL COURSE YELLOW on lap 35 to pull out #83 which is stuck in sand ... under yellow, when Grand Sport class leader John Kohler pits, Mike Baughman takes the class lead and fourth overall in his #45 Pontiac.

NOTE: This is Mike Baughman's first time back to racing in almost seven years. "I don't know why I'm doing this," Baughman says. While en route to Miami from Hagerstown, Md., the following happened: "First, I found out my van towing the trailer was getting 4 miles per gallon. Then, on I-95 near Petersburg, Va., the road was shut down for five hours because some fool was threatening to jump off an overpass bridge. He didn't. I pulled off the road in Georgia to sleep, but I overslept Thursday morning and realized I still had more than 300 miles to go. On I-95 in Miami, some woman lost the hood off her car. It sailed over about 14 cars following her aned landed on the road in front of me. I ran over it and flattened one of the tires on my trailer, so I had to pull off the road and go tire-shopping. Finally, I got to the race track at about 2:30 p.m. Thursday. I had hoped to test, because I have never driven the car and haven't raced anything in six-and-a-half years, but I was too late. I really don't know why I'm doing this."

GREEN FLAG on lap 40 at 2:37 ... #19 Jean Domoulin still leads the Super Grand Sport class ... Gary Smith takes over the Grand Sport class lead in the #17 Ford Mustang Cobra ... #49 Howie Liebengood leads Sport-Touring ... #00 Bryan Johnson leads the C2K class

NOTE: None of the Motorola Class champions from the 1998-99 seasons has won a race so far in 1999. The closest any of them has come is second place.

Lap 49 and Sport-Touring leader #49 Howie Liebengood finally pits; new driver is Andy Lally ... #63 Joe Moser takes over class lead, driving in his first professional race. Moser and his father, Robert, are one of four father-son teams competing in Homestead's Motorola Cup race.

Lap 56 and, while running third, Marty Miller pits the #98 Chevrolet Corvette for the first time; new driver is owner Reese Cox ... Jean Domoulin still leads by :08.038 over #08 Randy Pobst, and by :15.493 over points leader Joe Varde.

Lap 59 and overall leader #19 Jean Domoulin pits; new driver is Richard Spenard ... falls to fifth place overall, 1:05 behind leader #08 Randy Pobst ...By lap 63, points leader Joe Varde (#50) is 12 seconds behind Pobst, followed by #37 John Heinricy and #11 Devon Powell.

Lap 64, with one hour remaining, Varde lowers the gap to :11.342 ... #10 Lance Stewart takes over the Grand Sport class lead in the Jupiter-based Team Hurricane Audi S4 ... Five cars remain on the overall lead lap in the SGS class, four in the GS class, and four in the C2K class where #00 Bryan Johnson continues to lead in the HART Honda.

Lap 68 and leader #08 Randy Pobst inproves his lead to :12.602 over Joe Varde ... Lap 69 and #37 John Heinricy passes Varde for second place ... Lap 70 and Varde switches places with Heinricy; Varde is now :13.583 behind Pobst

NOTE: Randy Pobst (Melbourne, Fl) and Andy Pilgrim (Cooper City) are both former Motorola Cup winners at Miami-Homestead, but not as co-drivers. In May, 1998 Pilgrim shared the overall win in a BMW M3, while Pobst won the Touring class in a Volkswagen Golf.

Lap 73 and leader #08 Pobst increases his lead over #50 Varde to :15.900 ... #37 Heinricy and #11 Powell are in the pits and losing laps, moving #19 Richard Spenard to third place, 1:13.33 behind Pobst

Lap 75 and second place #50 Joe Varde makes his second and final pit stop in the Team Amick Dodge Viper, falls to 1:08 behind Pobst ... Lap 76 and Pobst makes his second and final stop for gas and tires; leaves pits still in first place ... Pobst, on lap 78, is :28.4 ahead of #19 Spenard, who has passed #50 Varde, who is now :30.041 behind Pobst ... #45 Joe Foster has regained the Grand Sport class lead in Mike Baughman's Pontiac Firebird, #16 Darren Law is second ... lap 77 and Foster pits for the last time, giving the lead to Law, the GS class winner at Daytona with car owners/co-drivers Mike McCalmont and Alan Wortzman.

FULL COURSE YELLOW on lap 81 for debris on course and to tow in another car from the gravel traps ... this changes the entire complexion of the battle for the overall win as #19 Spenard and #50 Varde will now be able to erase their :27 deficits to leader #08 Randy Pobst ... There are 14 cars between Pobst and Spenard under yellow.

GREEN FLAG on lap 85 at 3:52 p.m. ... 25 minutes of racing remain ... #19 Richard Spenard is now only :05.246 behind leader #08 Randy Pobst ... #50 Joe Varde is :05.426 behind Pobst ... Varde and Spenard collide on the restart, Varde going into the driver's side of Spenard's Porsche while attempting (and making) a tight pass; the move costs both drivers five seconds of track time Lap 87 and Pobst has :01.038 on Varde, and :12.651 on Spenard ... In the GS class, #10 Lance Stewart has re-taken the lead ... in Sport-Touring, #63 Joe Moser continues to lead ... in C2K, Bryan Johnson maintains his lead Lap 91 and Varde closes to :04.348, Spenard to :07.750 ... in GS, #16 Darren Law has re-taken the lead from #10 Lance Stewart, with #17 Gary Smith close behind, followed by #45 Joe Foster --- Porsche-Audi-Mustang-Pontiac, all within four seconds front-to-back ... Lap 89 and #17 David Brown goes to the front of GS.

Lap 93, #08 Randy Pobst has only :01.647 over #50 Joe Varde, while #19 Richard Spenard remains :05.662 back ... lap 93, the gap falls to :00.757 ... lap 94 and Joe Varde re-takes the lead in the infield, but Pobst gets it back, then Varde re-passes and resumes the official lead ... on lap 97, with six minutes to go, Varde has :01.735 over #08 Pobst.

Lap 100 and Joe Varde leads by :05.692 over #19 Richard Spenard, who has moved to second place while the Randy Pobst Corvette begins to limp ...

RACE ENDS with Joe Varde winning by :02.053 over Richard Spenard. David Amick started the #50 Team Amick Dodge Viper which Varde finished; Jean Domoulin was the starting driver in the #19 NewTech Motorsports Porsche 993.

CLASS WINNERS: SUPER GRAND SPORT:  #50 David Amick/Joe Varde, Dodge Viper
GRAND SPORT:  #17 John Kohler/David Brown, Ford Mustang Cobra SPORT-TOURING:  
#63 Bob Moser/Joe Moser, Acura Integra R C2K:  #00 Mike Galati/Bryan Johnson

<pre> FULL COURSE YELLOW FLAGS / SAFETY CAR No. Lap to Lap Time to Time Total Laps/Time For 1 3 - 7 1:21 - 1:32 5 / :11 Debris; tow #44 2 12 - 16 1:40 - 1:50 5 / :10 Tow #69, crash 3 24 - 27 2:03 - 2:10 4 / :07 Tow #92, stuck in sand 4 35 - 40 2:25 - 2:37 5 / :12 Tow #83, stuck in sand 5 81 - 85 3:37 - 3:52 5/ :14 Debris, tow a car

LAP LEADERS Car # Lap to Lap Driver/Car 19 1 Jean Domoulin, Porsche 993 Turbo 37 2 - 8 Stu Hayner, Chevrolet Corvette C5 08 9 - 25 Andy Pilgrim, Chevrolet Corvette C5 98 26 - 27 Marty Miller, Chevrolet Corvette C5 19 28 - 59 Jean Domoulin, Porsche 993 Turbo 08 60 - 93 Randy Pobst, Chevrolet Corvette C5 50 94 - 102 Joe Varde, Dodge Viper 7 lead changes among 6 drivers


David Amick: "Randy (Pobst's) Corvette collided with another car and damaged a wheel, and that allowed Joe to close up. We also got a break with the last caution flag where Joe got even closer. Our pit stops were great, and so was the decision to take on right side tires in the second stop, where the Corvette didn't change tires."

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