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Grand American 400 Rolex Sports Car Series Driver Quotes DAYTONA PROTOTYPES Overall First Place Brumos Racing ...

Grand American 400
Rolex Sports Car Series Driver Quotes


Overall First Place
Brumos Racing #58 Red Bull Porsche FABCAR Daytona Prototype

David Donohue -- "I thought the race was great because we won. The car was okay so we were pretty aggressive on some things on the car that really didn 't pan out on the long run. So, frankly, it was a handful. We were trying to adjust it but there are only so many things you can do. Mike did a great job. (On the first win) -- "It's fantastic. It's been a long time coming. Actually, I feel like we won before because I feel like such a part of this team. The 59 has gotten its wins and I feel like I've contributed to that. If the team wins, we are all happy."

Mike Borkowski -- "It was really good. I probably sound like a broken record but the Brumos Red Bull team has been doing an awesome job all year. We are quick most of the time and we've had these flawless weekends and then one problem all weekend right during the race. I think four times while leading we have broken something or something has gone wrong, so we were due. It was fun today and it was fun to finally get a checkered flag."

Overall Second Place
Brumos Racing #59 Porsche FABCAR Daytona Prototype

JC France -- "We had a right front tire that was overheating and at the end we had to back the pace down a little bit. Perhaps we did it too much. Riggins was a little to close for comfort there. (On the tire problem) -- I tried to back it down on the front straightaway and save some temperature there."

Hurley Haywood -- "It started off not so great, but turned out good. We had some handling problems and then we lost a header on the car, so we lost a little bit of power. We just nursed it along. JC did a great job and here we are. The last stint that he was in was not very easy. We had a bunch of guys that were closing on us but he held his ground and set the fastest time in our car. So, he is really coming on board."

Daytona Prototype Third Place
Bell Motorsports #54 Chevrolet Doran Daytona Prototypes

Forest Barber - "We thought we had a shot at the end. We are still developing the car and we were a little off in our fuel calculations. We thought we could make it to the end without making a gas and go but that wasn't the case. We learn more every race. The car continues to be fast and the team is doing a great job. We are looking forward to Watkins-Glen. It's a great track for everyone. I like it there and Terry has won a million races up there. (On the door coming open) -- "Just wasn't shut. We did an early driver change and put me in the car and when I got latched in the right side door just wasn't shut properly so we had to come in and get it shut again. We had a good run the latter part of the race. Terry drove his heart out and really extended himself. Not a bad result. We'll hope for a better one next time.

Terry Borcheller -- "When I got in at the end, the car was really good. I wish we had that car all day. The team did a great job and my hat's off to them."

GT Class

GT Winners
Scuderia Ferrari of Washington #33 Ferrari 360 GT

Cort Wagner -- "Another down to the wire finish.  With all the yellows it
became a strategy game.  We had a tire problem and Brent came in for a tire
change and fuel but it still worked out for us.  It came down to yellows,
strategy and a great crew.  I couldn't believe the 25 stayed out as long as
they did.  They were making us guess and it was just another nail biter."
Brent Martini -- "What a machine.  The Ferrari of Washington team prepared a
brand new car in just the last week. They made it absolutely perfect.  We
had the right strategy and Cort did a great job.  When you put it in his
hands, he does the job.  We thought Randy and Blake (No. 25 team) would need
to stop at some point.  They just made us wait a while."

Second Place GT
Rosser Racing #25 Porsche GT3 RS

Blake Rosser -- "For the first time out for the Mind Over Motorsports Team, a minor miracle."

Randy Pobst -- "We were in the lead for a long time.  We had a great race.
The team did a great job preparing the Porsche.  Blake Rosser made his entry
into racing in a big way.  We had a great time."

GTS Class

First Place GTS/Third Place Overall
Heritage Motorsports #48 Mustang

Tommy Riggins -- "We had a good race. We had to do our points thing for each driver early on so we switched drivers early. The cautions worked out in our favor, so I was able to get back in. That Boris Said car was strong. He and that Davis fellow had a formidable effort here but we threw it down for them. They raised the bar and we had to leave it down as hard as we could the whole race. We are happy."

Dave Machavern -- "It was a really good race.  It was very exciting.  We had
a little bit of strategy involved with the yellows.  The team really put
together a good car for the track.  Tommy's stints were outstanding and we
were really looking forward to this race.  We stretched the legs out on that
Mustang.  It was a lot of fun to drive here."

Second Place GTS
Mosler Automotive #31 Mosler MT 900 R

Joao Barbosa -- "Well, it was maybe better than we expected. The two Mustangs were really quick on the straights. Maybe next time it will be better."

Justin Bell -- "We always want to win. We thought we would be third, but we got second, so we are happy."


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