Daytona24: Team Chevy hour 21 update

Following his final stint in the car, Ryan Briscoe offered his thoughts on the race so far:


"We definitely tested the equipment because I don't think I've done a lap today at 80 percent; it's been 100 percent all day long, all night long. I've done three long stints now, and every single one they told me to push as hard as I could. It's been frustrating because the second time I got in the car we got all the way to just one lap down, and they we had another issue with a wheel. We've been catching up, the car is really strong."

"The car felt fast, with really good traction. The car's good. The brakes have been really consistent. The battle continues. We've got a long way to go."


ANTONIO GARCIA, NO. 90 SPIRIT OF DAYTONA CHEVROLET COYOTE, made contact with NASCAR Turn 3 wall approximately 6.5 hours into the race. Repairs took 68 minutes:

WHAT HAPPENED TO CAUSE THE INCIDENT? "A car went off track in the bus stop and he made a last second call to rejoin the track right at the apex of the corner. I was already going by so I had to go a little wide. I don't know if he clipped me or not, but by going a little wide I put everything on the dirt. I couldn't control the car and I just slid right into the wall. That was it. I could have followed him going away, but instead of going straight he tried to rejoin as soon as possible at the strangest spot."

-source: team chevy

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