Daytona24: GT 2nd finishing team press conference

GRAND-AM Road Racing 2011 Rolex 24 At Daytona
January 30, 2011


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THE MODERATOR: We are pleased to be able to start our post-race interviews for the Rolex 24 at Daytona. We are going to start off with the runner-up team in the GT class, the number 48 Marquis Jet Porsche GT three, drivers are Bryce Miller and Tim Sugden, Bryan Sellers, Rob Bell. Unbelievable effort. We are going to go right to questions.

Q: Gentlemen, last year you stepped away from GRAND-AM for a while, because of the rules package. Are you glad you came back?

BRYCE MILLER: Certainly this year, the Porsches are looking quite strong, and you know it's been more difficult in past years to push to the front with the porch, but you know, it come and goes and that's just the nature of the beast. So what can I say? I mean, we are happy to have comeback to GRAND-AM.

We'll always be here for Daytona, anyways, for sure. This is a great spectacle and a great event.

Q: Rob, we have seen you in Astons, Ferraris, you name it. Tell me about driving here for the first time in a Porsche and delivering the Sam result as usual.

ROB BELL: Yeah, I've sort of been doing GT for quite a long time now and driven quite a few different -- I actually did one or two races in GRAND-AM in 2006 with Peter Baron. So I've got a little bit of experience, but the thing that strikes me is the whole event that I've gone to is something different again. I've done a lot of the big ones but this ranks double.

The experience of the banking is something in itself. We don't have that back home. It's just to do something different. Like you say, we got a good result, which in any 24 Hour race is an achievement. Just to finish is one thing but to get on the podium -- and we were in the end, actually very, very close to grabbing one of those watches.

So it's a good result. I've loved it, and I'll be back for sure.

Q: Did you guys have any problems throughout the race? We saw a lot of attrition towards the end, especially in GT?

BRYAN SELLERS: I would say we definitely had our fair share of battles. We fortunately had a car that was prepared very well. I think some of our misfortune was, you know, circumstantial with the new wave by rules, we got caught out pretty substantially one time, I think we actually went from -- kind of lost a lap in ten positions.

I think that that hurt us in the long run. But, outside of that, everything ran pretty smoothly. We had one extra break, front pad change that we were not anticipating, as well, but as you see, the 67 car ran such a flawless race that, you know, you just can't make any sort of mistakes.

So, you know, we are extremely happy to be second. The guys did a great job preparing the car and couldn't have asked for a whole lot more.

THE MODERATOR: Congratulations on a great run at Daytona. hank you very much.

-source: nascar

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