Daytona Shane Lewis update - hour 2

Shane Lewis-- ...

Shane Lewis-- #48 Aspen Knolls/ Pilbeam Racing America Pilbeam/ Nissan

Early in the second hour the #48 Aspen Knolls/ Pilbeam Racing America entry is classified 58th overall, seventh in the SRPII class, 13 laps down to the leader.

Despite an excellent start that saw Aspen Knolls' driver Shane Lewis earn several positions, the team was forced to the garage area after the Pilbeam/ Nissan's engine failed to re-start following a regular pit stop in the first hour. It was determined that a sensor in the car's exhaust system had become disconnected resulting in the malady. The engine management system requires the exhaust sensor to be transmitting properly to determine engine parameters-- such as spark and fuel delivery. When inoperative, the engine would not start. Once discovered, the Aspen Knolls/ Pilbeam crew quickly remedied the situation in the garage area but lost 13 laps in the process.

The team has earned back one spot lost while dealing with the faulty sensor.

Shane Lewis, starting driver... "It was one heck of a start! Lots of banging out there. If this was a one hour race, we would be celebrating right now. But, it isn't and we have some work to do."

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