Daytona Prototypes - first Daytona laps completed

Daytona Prototypes - first Daytona laps completed

Testing started about 10:45 am Thursday with Darius Grala out first in the ...

Testing started about 10:45 am Thursday with Darius Grala out first in the #2 Cegwa Sport's Toyota-powered FABCAR. running about three laps before coming in to bleed the cooling system along with general chassis and engine bay inspection.

Darius Grala out first in the #2 Cegwa Sport Toyota-FABCAR.
Photo by Robert Phelps.

Darius returned to the track only to have a minor off near the Rodriquez Hairpin that resulted in minor left front corner damage to the carbon fiber. Grarla attributed the off to cold tires, not having the brake bias set far enough toward the front and his being too eager before the tires were fully warmed up.

Damage was quickly and easily repaired a tribute to the design of this FABCAR chassis and a knowledgeable crew.

Hurley Haywood was out next in the afternoon at 2:30 P.M. in the Brumos Porsche-Powered FabCAr. Haywood made exactly one circuit before returning for inspection. Pleased with the appearance of the components, another hour or so of testing was conducted with various drivers familiarizing themselves with the chassis. The afternoon session went off without incident.

Brumos is fielding a two car effort the a strong driver line up including Scott Goodyear, Scott Sharp and Chris Bye.

There was a distinct difference in the on track report from the engines. The European sounding Porsche 6 cylinder sounding much like Road-racing cars of their heritage. The Toyota however would be a familiar sound to most Nascar fans as it's engine note was very much like the V8's used in oval racing.

At 4 P.M. sharp the Cars retired to the garage to debrief and inspect their machines. Cleaning, checking fluids and inspecting gearsets was carried out during the rest of the afternoon.

Friday will bring an unique opportunity for the teams to run a full race simulation over a 28 hour period.


Morning - Cool 60 degrees with overcast and wind variable at 10 knots gusting to 15, Humidity near 100 per cent.

Afternoon - High about 80 degrees mostly cloudy wind around 10 still gusting to 15 knots, Humidity 90 per cent, Rain shower at 2:30 PM.

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