Daytona III: Qualifying quotes

Dark Dog finale Rolex Sports Car Series qualifying quotes. Didier Theys, Doran Lista ...

Dark Dog finale Rolex Sports Car Series qualifying quotes.

Didier Theys, Doran Lista #27 Judd-powered Dallara, SRP pole winner "It was hot. The track is quite slippery this afternoon. I believe after the Grand-Am Cup race this afternoon it will be even more slippery on Sunday. We had to go up on the tire compound. The handling of the car is good so far and we have a good balance for the race. We still need to be competitive. In order to be competitive, you have to push. If we have the opportunity to win the race, we'll take it. Maybe we'll take less risk in the traffic passing slower cars, but I think if we can win it without too much risk, we'll take it."

Butch Leitzinger, Dyson Racing #20 Ford-powered Riley & Scott, SRP pole winner "The car is the best it has been this weekend. It still needs some improvement. It's really good in the fast stuff like the chicane. It's probably the best I've ever driven a car through there. We're struggling for grip in the low speed stuff in the infield, but we usually are early in the week. As the rubber gets down it usually gets better and better. Hopefully, we'll do a couple of changes to the car tonight and get better for the race. It should be a great race. We always have good races here. Sometimes even when we do have a disparity in qualifying traffic tends to equalize everything in the race and no one can get too far ahead."

James Weaver, Dyson Racing #16 Ford-powered Riley & Scott, SRP third-place qualifier "Didier has been very quick in the Dallara the last two or three races. That's what you expect, but there are two of us (No. 16 and No. 20) and one of him."

Rob Dyson, Dyson Racing #20 Ford-powered Riley & Scott, Dyson Racing team owner "They did (switched the numbers of the cars this weekend), and I'm not quite sure why. In the history of the #16, we have had a lingering electrical problem. We've changed it and changed it and changed it. Ironically, this weekend, we cured it. I think what James and Chris (Dyson) were doing is taking the other car, which is actually a better chassis even though it's an old chassis, and were using it. Ironically during testing on Thursday, we were able to ascertain the problem. It was the simplest thing. That was the primary reason although they may have liked the darker paint scheme."

Ralf Kelleners, Rand Racing #7 Nissan Lola, SRP II pole winner "I think that we are finally in the position to beat them. We had some disadvantages in Virginia and I hope that we can get back to where we left the old battle and finally hopefully beat them."

Jack Baldwin, Robinson Racing Ranch Resorts #74 Judd Riley & Scott, SRP fourth-place qualifier "We have a good race car. We have a good three-hour car. We're just doing our normal deal, nothing we wouldn't be doing anyhow. It's a blast to be here. It's really fun to be here. George originally had not intended to come to this race this year. He decided this year at the beginning the car needed a lot of development and that he thought the money was better spent testing and making the car better and racing less. That's why you haven't seen much of us. We've been working really hard on this car."

Tommy Riggins, Heritage Motorsports #48 Mustang, AGT record setter "The track is in good shape. The track isn't real slippery, but the sun has changed it around from the first days that we were here but there is still pretty good grip. Actually, the grip is getting better as the days go on. The Morgan Dollar team has been tough everywhere we've been all year and they have a pretty good line-up so that will be tough. I think one of the sleepers will be that #29 car because they have two really good drivers in that car right now. With a race this long historically this season its actually turned out to be guys that don't have other issues like flat tires and things like that but if everybody runs healthy the entire race in the last ten minutes we will be racing for the win."

Franz Konrad, Konrad Motosports #31 Saleen S7R, GTS pole winner "The track was very slippery. We had the same problem yesterday and I'm not sure about our car with the track, everybody has complained a little bit about it being slippery. This was the first time in a while that we changed over to the Goodyear tires so we must set up the car the right way for the Goodyears. We will get there for the race."


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