Daytona III: Post-race driver quotes

Rob Dyson, Dyson Racing ...

Rob Dyson, Dyson Racing #20 Ford powered Riley & Scott, second place finisher and team owner

"Naturally we are gratified. I think that there will be numerous discussions overtime about how great a season this was. I was planning on getting back into the car at the end for a lot of reasons, reasons that will come out later. It had nothing to do with where we were and the points race. I thought that we could get in and out and still keep the lead. I wasn"t dogging it out there, or slowing up or waiting for him to pass me. We got in and out as fast as we could with a driver change and tires. We had a little handling problem all day that we were chasing. I got in the car at the end. I was planning on doing that all along. I told the boy"s that I"m finishing up this race in my car and that"s the way it is."

"This was Chris" first season of racing these cars. I think it was a very rewarding one for him. Clearly championships are hard to win. A team championship is very gratifying. It would"ve been nice to also have the driver"s championship. It was a long, hard-fought season. Didier was a terrific competitor. His team was very good. Kevin Doran and Fredy Lienhard are great competitors. They"re wonderful people and good sports. It"s an emotional sport. I"m elated to be part of a 1-2 finish at Daytona where my son came first in the final race of the season. He won two races here out of the three that were held. He did a great job in all three of them."

Chris Dyson, Dyson Racing #16 Ford Riley & Scott, overall winner

"That"s terrific. The 1-2 finishes are the results you look for when you run two cars. We were running for the drivers" championship, we were trying to get that result. We did manage to win the team championship with a 1-2 finish, which is great. It"s a credit to our guys for doing such a wonderful job all year and to Max Crawford for helping us out in a pinch a couple of times. "We"re always looking for a 1-2 finish. We were in the running for the drivers" championship with myself. We were looking to win the race with the No. 16 car. We were looking for the 1-2 finish as well so we could win the team championship. That"s what we got. In a way, mission accomplished. We came up a little short on the championship on the drivers end, but the team championship is what we race for. We"re very happy."

Butch Leitzinger, Dyson Racing #20 Riley and Scott, second place

"No, I wasn"t surprised they asked me to get out of the car, because the way that things were working out the team championship was at stake, and it was also Rob"s car. If it was my car and it was the last time that we had to run it, I think I would have pulled someone out of it and want to get in the last two laps with it. So I wasn"t really surprised."

(About previous comments that there were no team orders)

"I think that was more towards the driver championship but for the team championship it was a team decision and it didn"t really fall into that category. So I don"t think he wanted to have the driver championship won under those situations, but for the team championship that"s part of the game. So I think it was fair ball. I think it was the right decision. I would have made the same decision."

B.J. Zacharias, ACEMCO Motorsports #26 Porsche GT3 R, GT class second place

"I"m a little frustrated about getting second place. This whole team has worked so hard this year being a new team and we"ve come a long way. The whole crew just prepped an excellent car, and I think that we showed here that we are out there and we should be taken seriously. I have to thank the whole crew, ACEMCO, Cass my co-driver, and Jeff Giangrande for giving me this opportunity."

Charles Morgan, Morgan-Dollar Motorsports #46 Corvette, AGT winner

"Well we absolutely loved our first season. It"s always good for me to drive with my son, particularly when we win, particularly when we win GT overall and clinch a team championship. Rob did everything I just kind of drove it home. He put it in the lead and we had a good solid lead, so all I had to do was hold on to it. We had a great day today."

Rob Morgan, Morgan-Dollar Motorsports #46 Corvette, AGT winner

"It was fine, we could have done a little bit more I think on set up but we were right there. I think we went a little too tall on gear because we didn"t pull much gear. But overall I think we could run as fast as they could. We had a fast car and the guys have done a great job this year. They have learned a ton, we have learned a ton and it"s just been a great year for everybody."

Brent Martini, G&W Motorsports #81 Porsche, GT winner

"Our race was intense. I think that we got a good start, stayed out of trouble, and had a good first stint. Darren Law is just as fast as anybody in a Porsche and I think he proved that today. Even though we had an old 2000 Porsche we were able to do real well with it. This is my first Rolex win. We had second place in the six-hour race at The Glen in the same car prepared by G&W Motorsports. They just do an awesome job and they make it easy on us. But this is my greatest victory."

Kerry Hitt, ACP Motorsports #19 Corvette, AGT driver champion

"There are good weekends and then there are just weekends and this was just a weekend. The car is in one piece, mostly. We finally lost the transmission, but we ended up breaking a hose or cracking a fitting and lost oil so we slowed down came in and thought we had it fixed, the transmission probably just got more than it really needed. It"s a great consolation at least know that we received one of the championships. It was nice because we had been competing with Morgan-Dollar all year. We are good friends and tough competitors and it"s fun and a great series. Out there we do battle and in here we are friends, and it can"t get any better than that."

Terry Borcheller, Rand Racing #8 Nissan Lola, SportsRacing Prototype II winner

"It was bad for me but Anthony brought it home today for sure. That what"s so awesome about a really good team. It"s not just the drivers. It goes to the crew guys. It goes to the team owner and the decisions he has to make. It goes to your co-driver. We you have all the right pieces and you got really good people, when one person is not having a good day everybody else carries the ball. That"s what happened to us today."

Darren Law, G&W Motorsports #81 Porsche GT3 R, GT winner

"It was unbelievable. We had a great car. Brent did a good job. I finished the last two hours. We just stuck with it and pushed the whole way and came up good in the end."

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