Daytona II: Qualifying quotes

Scott Pruett, driver of the No. 01 CompUSA Chip Ganassi Racing Lexus Riley "We got our momentum going. The car is working good. The Ganassi guys are doing a fabulous job. The Lexus engine isn't missing a beat. All those things together let us ...

Scott Pruett, driver of the No. 01 CompUSA Chip Ganassi Racing Lexus Riley

"We got our momentum going. The car is working good. The Ganassi guys are doing a fabulous job. The Lexus engine isn't missing a beat. All those things together let us focus on the car trying to get the most out of it. It's going to be a challenge here because we have one more session from 8 to 9 tonight, but it's going to be significantly different than when we go to take the green flag (Thursday night at 11 or so). I'm not sure what to expect, but we'll have enough adjustability in the car so we can make changes during the race if we need to."

David Donohue, driver of the No. 58 Red Bull Brumos Racing Porsche FABCAR

"Our practices were horrible quite frankly. We really struggled for grip and it wasn't really fun to drive at all. We made some changes toward the late end of practice. We really made a lot of improvements but still I was surprised we were second in that session. If you told me this afternoon we would be second on the grid, I would've laughed you out of town. To end up second on the pole, we're delighted."

Kevin Buckler, driver of the No. 67 The Racer's Group Porsche GT3 RS

"Everything was ready when I got here this morning. We just came here from Mid-Ohio. The guys were well prepared. I was feeling really good. I got a good night sleep. I always like this track. I always feel pretty good here. We put a real good setup on the car and that's important because this track is tricky. This track is slippery and it's hot out and tires change a lot throughout the session.

"In the old days, you used to not run the Rolex 24 as hard. Nowadays, those races are run nearly like sprints. The temperature right now is going to play a big factor on the wear of the tires and (the driver's) bodies. The difference is you don't have a chance to make up any lost ground. If you lose a lap or have a problem with a race of this length, you're probably not going to win. I would love to see a victory this weekend. I love this place. This is hallowed ground for me plus the victory means so much. I always have a warm feeling in my heart driving through the tunnel."

Wayne Nonnamaker, driver of the No. 41 Orison-Planet Earth Motorsports Porsche

"Anytime you can come to Daytona and sit on the pole position, it's great. We're here with NASCAR and it's so exciting. It's a great track and I really love it. This is our first pole ever in the Rolex, so we're very excited. We've had some success in Grand Am Cup in the past so things are coming together."

"The way these cars are nowadays, the 24 hours is an all out sprint. Here, it's so short, so you have to take a few more risks than you would normally. The Prototypes can be really aggressive when they're coming around. The biggest difference is the aggression they use in traffic to get around. It's going to be interesting."

Max Papis, driver of the No. 01 CompUSA Lexus Riley

"Scott (Pruett, co-driver) did a very, very good job on qualifying. We've been working a lot on our race set-up. We didn't start where we wanted, but we made a lot of improvement, and I think now the No. 01 CompUSA car is getting closer to where we can actually make a smaller step adjustment and you can see that. For sure, qualifying is important, but they pay big money tomorrow so we're going to focus on that."

Luis Diaz, driver of the No. 02 CompUSA Lexus Riley Daytona

"This is my first time at (Daytona) so I just spent time learning the track - I just (ran) four laps. It's a very tough track, very demanding. I think Jimmy (Morales, co-driver) did a great job in the qualifying and we should work a little bit more for the race to have a more consistent race car than we have now."

"It's great - especially the banking - it's pretty big. It's nice for me to be here for the first time. It's a very historic race track so it's very nice."

Jimmy Morales, driver of the No. 02 CompUSA Lexus Riley

"We've been struggling all day long with traction. We have had a terrible time all day. Finally, at the end, it seems to me that the car is getting better. We're going to keep on working. I think we have at least one-second that we have to find to be able to be competitive during the race. We are just working on it."

"We share all of the information between the two teams, but for some reason, this time, we are totally different in our set-up, so I don't know what is going to happen. We'll wait until tonight's practice, which is going to be more like the race that we're going to run. This was just qualifying. Qualifying doesn't give you any points, doesn't give you anything."

Milka Duno, co-driver of the No. 2 CITGO Howard-Boss Motorsports Pontiac Crawford

"We tried to do the best that we can because we know that the engine has a problem, but (the crew) worked today and will change the engine tomorrow morning. During the practice we knew we had a problem and we knew that they needed to change (the engine). The team director decided we're qualifying in this condition and afterward change the engine because don't have enough time."

Oswaldo Negri, driver of the No. 6 Michael Shank Racing Lexus Doran

"I think we're exactly where we should be. We've been playing a little bit with the set-up for the race - for the longer run. I'm just happy. We're working so hard. The team is just fantastic. I can't complain, everything is awesome."

"It's much quicker - especially the car that I'm driving now, it's much better than the car that I had when I came here (for the 24-hour race). The team is a lot better. We know that we need to find more speed, especially in qualifying for the race. I think we've been pretty competitive - we've always been in the top-three. The qualifying - especially the Ganassi cars, they know something that we don't - so we just need to work harder."

Elliott Forbes-Robinson, driver of the No. 4 BOSS Snowplow Pontiac Crawford

"It was OK. We still haven't hit on the setup for the car yet. The car was better than it was earlier in the day, but we're still a little ways off. It's happened to us a lot this year, where we were behind, behind, behind, then for the race the boys do a good job of getting it ready for the race. Hopefully, we can do that again."

Tony Stewart, driver of the No. 20 CITGO Howard -Boss Motorsports Pontiac Crawford

"I didn't think that I could pick up that much time, but it shows what the team's capable of more so than what the driver's capable of. That was my first qualifying session in a sports car, so I'm pretty happy with it. I went probably a second faster than what I thought I would run, and I'm happy with that."

Wayne Taylor, driver of the No. 10 SunTrust Racing Pontiac Riley

"I nearly put the car into the wall at the chicane. Something happened with the car, it felt very nervous and we had an awful power-on over steer. Now we need to figure it out tonight."

Brent Martini, driver of the No. 81 G&W Motorsports BMW Doran JE4

My qualifying lap was a second and a half faster than I've gone today. Obviously it's a short weekend, so not having been here (in the Daytona Prototype), I feel pretty good that every time out I went faster. I think I know how to get a 49, so we'll look at some data, and I'll make sure I have a good race pace. The goal here is to be in it, do a good first stint, hand the car over to Cort, and let him work some magic.

It helps to know where you are going, but it's like a whole different track when you drive it in a different car. I thought that with the traction control getting off the corners, which is notorious bad here, would be pretty handled, but it's not at all. So getting off the corners is still an issue. And I'm just getting comfortable with the brakes in the car. I see where people are going a little bit faster. I know where I need to be and the things I need to do, so during the race I'll do it and stay out of trouble.

This session tonight is important because it gives us a better idea of what the car will be like tomorrow. It's new for me driving this car here at night. Nighttime changes everything. I view every time out as a growing experience, and as long as I keep going faster each time, I'll become as comfortable as I was in the Ferrari and we'll be competitive.

Benjamin Leuenberger, driver of the No. 27 Doran-Lista Racing Lexus Doran

"At first I was in traffic so I couldn't go real fast. Then there at the end I lost the car under braking in the chicane. I didn't hit anything, but at first I thought I was going to. The car slowed down faster than I thought it would. We still have some over steer, but the car is getting better. We still have some work to do, but the Doran-Lista crew is working very hard and the car is better each session. The car is quicker than we qualified; right now we have a top 10 car, not 12th. We should have a good car for the race."

"This car is softer than other Prototypes I have driven. It has a lot more movement to it."

Forest Barber, driver of the No. 54 Kodak Bell Motorsports Pontiac Doran

"We're having a problem with our overall grip. It's over steer more than anything else. The Kodak EasyShare car was the best in qualifying than it's been all day, but we're going to do some suspension changes. We have some work to do. The Pontiac power is good. We made some changes to our gear ratios which helped. Now if we can just make it through the first few laps, we should have a real good race car to give to Terry."

Mae Van Wijk, driver of the No. 86 G&W Motorsports Porsche GT3 Cup

It was pretty good. I still feel like I could make a few changes, but definitely the changes that we did make are really good. The infield is real slippery, so it's never going to be completely exactly like I want it. But, we improved, so that's good.


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