Daytona II: Post-qualifying quotes

Didier Theys, Doran Lista Racing ...

Didier Theys, Doran Lista Racing #27 Doran Lista Racing Judd-powered Dallara, pole winner
"I knew the car was good here. Every race, we've made a little improvement. We don't have a huge budget to test every week. We use races to develop the car. That's one of the reasons why we don't make up a big gap all the time. The car was running fine. After three or four laps, the car started to get loose. We're going to try different things tonight to make the car better for the race and make the balance better.

"The car was good. I could've had some better laps after that. I didn't want to destroy the tires because those are the tires that I'm going to start the race with. When (owner) Kevin (Doran) told me I had a small cushion, then I just took it easy to save the tires."

Butch Leitzinger, Dyson Racing #20 Ford-powered Riley & Scott, outside pole
"When we went out and did the lap time that stood, it was sliding around a bit and we decided to make a wing change. We started with a higher tire pressure trying to get the tires to come in quickly. We did them a little bit too high. So we changed the wing and lowered the tires back down to the correct pressures and we made a bad change with the wing and it was a little bit slower. So we'll change that around now and hopefully things will go better.

"It's going to be a good race. We're going to be very close on times (with the No. 27 car). We all seemed to be running with Kevin Doran's cars. I don't think this race will be any different."

Jack Baldwin, Ranch Resorts #74 Judd-powered Riley & Scott, third-place qualifier
"We did a wholesale setup change before qualifying and I jumped in and took off. That's a pretty good time for us. There were a few issues. The car actually wasn't working. The flash light didn't work. The shift light didn't work. I was out there just winging it. We have a good car. We're good in the infield, but we need to find more mph."

Chris Bingham, K&N Park Place #5 Saleen S7R, GTS pole winner
"The K&N Park Place Saleen was real good. We're not going to be able to compete here with the speeds of AGT cars. Their cars don't have the downforce we do and our cars have less speed, but we're here for the GTS and not for the overall. I'd like to win the overall pole and the overall GT class, and that's an incentive for me since there are only two or three GTS cars. The track was good; it cooled down a little bit. We picked up from this morning but not a lot.

"It's a little cooler, but it's still not perfect. We haven't got the proper setup in the car yet either. We haven't changed it enough yet.

"We're going to go out there, take it easy, run a good race and push hard. Our overall goal is to win GTS. We would like to win overall GT but that's not our main focus here. My focus is to do well, show the fans a good race and get the K&N Park Place Saleen on the podium."

Terry Borcheller, Rand Racing #8 Nissan-powered Lola, SRPII pole winner
"I was as nervous as a little girl because this guy [Lazzaro] is my mentor and I wanted to beat him. He's my mentor and he has been since I was small, growing up in go-karts. I've always admired him and still do, so it was a big deal. I'm happy for Rand Racing, we got one-two again and the team is gelling great."

Tommy Riggins, Hertitage Motorsports #48 Corvette, AGT pole winner
"The very first (practice) session, we had a skipping problem so we lost that. In the second session, we ran pretty good and we went back and made a few changes. This is the very first time this car has been to this track so we're learning things. We did a few things and we sucked it up a little bit in qualifying. We went two or three tenths quicker and we're encouraged.

Joao Barbosa, Perspective Racing #24 Mosler MT900R, GT pole winner (The team's car struck a turtle during practice and had to make signigicant repairs to the front of the car)
"We had to change the whole front. Luckily, it didn't damage the radiator. We fixed it. The crew did a really good job putting everything together. To be able to do that change on the front and make that setup change, they really had to work extra hard to get the car right for qualifying."

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