Daytona II: Driver race quotes

Daytona II: Driver race quotes
Jul 6, 2002, 12:21 AM

James Weaver, driver of the Dyson Racing Team ...

James Weaver, driver of the Dyson Racing Team #16 Ford Riley & Scott, Overall winner

(about winning the Paul Revere 250 three times) "You should give the colonies back now, an Englishman has won your race three times.

"Didier [Theys], before the yellow, was about a second a lap quicker than me. When he pulled up behind me on the yellow, it looked like he was going to win the race pretty easily. I just managed to find some extra speed and I was very lucky to get a few good clear runs through the chicane. Our car was pretty good through the chicane. I was lucky with the traffic. I never got held up and that was the difference between winning and losing. Chris drove brilliantly. That's his third win. He's second in the championship points. It's a shame we couldn't put Didier one place further back to reduce the points gap. It's three wins apiece now. They still got the upper hand with the points lead but it should be a tight finish."

Chris Dyson, driver of the Dyson Racing Team #16 Ford Riley & Scott, Overall winner

"I enjoy this track. It's a good challenge. I enjoy it at night and I'm glad it stayed dry tonight. It's special to join the list of winners here like it was at Watkins Glen a few weeks ago. [James] is more than a veteran. He's one of, if not, the best sports car driver in the world. It's great to hear that from James. We're learning so much now and we're having a fun time doing it. I'm just happy with the results."

Butch Leitzinger, driver of the #20 Ford Riley & Scott, third-place overall

"It was really close. Didier (Theys) was right on James battling for the win. They held each other up a little bit and I was able to catch them. I was putting all the pressure I could on Didier trying to find someway around. I tried everything. Didier was very good defending his position. He played it very fair, but very tough. I didn't get around him. The only good thing that came about it took pressure off of James. It was good fun. I tried everything in my book."

Tony Stewart, driver of the #2 Home Depot Judd Crawford

"It was awesome. To be able to get in there without any practice was a little difficult. But, Max [Crawford] told me that the car was running a lot better than when we were here for the Rolex. To be able to come back, and not have practice like that, I've got such a great amount of confidence for what Max and his crew can do with a race car. Obviously, having Elliott in the car is a big help too. Knowing he's helping set up the car, helped get my confidence level high. It was just a matter of going out and getting a couple laps to get comfortable.

"This is like a stress reliever to me. I really enjoy doing this. The Crawfords are a great family. It's a great crew here. Coming back and racing for them again is just a lot of fun. Sure, when you're in the car you're working hard, you're competing hard, but at the same time you're doing for a great group of people that make it a lot of fun for us."

Darren Law, driver of the G&W/Momentum Motorcars #70 BMW Picchio, second place SRPII

"It is unbelievable. It is the best race we have had all year, mainly because we finished. So that is our first accomplishment for the season. Now we are going to work on speed. I am just so happy. The crew worked their butt off to get us to this point. It has been a good weekend for us. We finished second, in front of one of the Rand cars which is a real plus for us, especially since the thing was reliable. Very, very good weekend. All race long no glitches. We still have other things to sort out, but this was the first step to get it going. I am happy."

Lou Gigliotti, co-driver of the LG Motorsports #25 Corvette, AGT winner

"What can I say, we are happy. We didn't want to do it this way, we wanted to come home with all the doors on the car. I didn't want to get all my doors blown off here, but other than that we are happy. We had a really good time. Having Doug [Goad] in there in the middle, he took all the bad tires. The tires were worn out most of his stint. It was really good having Doug there. I don't know if I could have done the whole race alone, it was pretty hot out there. I am glad we hooked up."

Doug Goad, co-driver of the LG Motorsports #25 Corvette, AGT winner

"The first couple laps were interesting. The car is a lot stiffer than what I am accustomed to. Once I figured out the transmission and the chassis and stuff, it was a fantastic car. It has a really nice chassis in it. The car stuck really well and it wasn't until about the last five or six laps I finally called them and said 'OK the tires are done.' You couldn't even think about using the throttle, the car wanted to swap ends, but up to that point it handled great."

Rodney Mall, driver of the Park Place Ltd/K&N Filters/Transgroup/Gatorz #5 Saleen S7R, second place GTS

"It's real frustrating [having mechanical problems at the last two races, costing the team the lead]. The K&N Saleen crew had prepared the car flawlessly, and to have two catastrophic failures seem to be out of our control two weeks in a row is very frustrating. But I can't speak highly enough of our crew. K&N guys, Saleen guys, Chris' [Bingham] driving, we had a great race going. The gremlin gods got us."

Cort Wagner, co-driver of the Girard-Perregaux/Ferrari of Washington #33 Ferrari 360GT, winner in GT class

"Couldn't be happy actually. The Ferrari of Washington/Girarad-Perregaux guys have just put together another fine car for a great event at Daytona. We were kind of chasing our tail a little bit this weekend with setup and not getting enough track time because we had a couple mechanical issues. But basically we put another setup on it before the race and guessed it absolutely perfect. It was a great race for us. It was a nail-bitter until the end. We got a lap down in the middle under a yellow flag situation and gained it back. Billy [Auberlen] had an awesome stint in the car and I had a good drive and it all went really well. The whole team did a great job."

Bill Auberlen, co-driver of the Girard-Perregaux/Ferrari of Washington #33 Ferrari 360GT, winner in GT class

"Cort [Wagner] and I both won the big one twice. Now we won the short one, which seemed to be harder to win than the long one. I am just so happy because we did go a lap down early on. They caught it by inches with the leader, and we missed it by inches, so we went a lap down. Than we gained it back by inches again. Once we got behind him, I could see him, I hunted him down. The Ferreri I swear to god -- we were at the mall shopping earlier today and we came up with this brainstorm - lets put these springs on, because we think that is what it is going to take. They put different springs, different shock setup and you almost couldn't of hit it much better. We guessed the perfect setup."

Jerry Nadeau, driver of the Rand Racing/Risi Competizione #7 Nissan-powered Lola, SRPII class winner

"Any win feels good, whether its Daytona, Indianapolis, anywhere, it feels good. I had a lot of fun. I have to thank Anthony [Lazzaro] and all the guys on the team for letting me drive the car. This was the first time here on the road course in these cars and it's pretty fun. I'd enjoy the Rolex, I think it would be a good time. If I get a chance to do it that would be fun."

Jack Lewis, driver of the Jack Lewis Enterprises/Myrtletech #72 Porsche GT3 Cup, GTS winner

"Two in a row, I'll tell you what, to be at Watkins Glen and Daytona what a dream come true, my two favorite tracks. I ran this race 20 years ago today*it is just a thrill to be here, I can't tell you how great it is to win these last two races."

-grand am-

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