Daytona Doran Racing qualifying notes

Rooster tails. That's all that is seen as the Judd Crawford speeds past pit lane. Qualifying in the rain is not what the team desired but it's what they got. Didier Theys took the ...

Rooster tails. That's all that is seen as the Judd Crawford speeds past pit lane. Qualifying in the rain is not what the team desired but it's what they got. Didier Theys took the #27 car out to obtain a good position - the car is running well and he knows what it takes.

After a few test laps, he goes all out and in no time, achieves P2. For most of the session it appears that is the start position, but in the last minutes, #74 Robinson Racing pushes their Judd-motored car past Didier to get the P2 spot. Didier is P3 for the start of the race. Dyson Racing, car #16 with James Weaver at the helm is the pole sitter for the start of the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. Weaver's speed of 119.351 mph secured him his fourth-consecutive Rolex 24 At Daytona pole. His lap time of 1:47.351 was nearly two seconds faster than second-place Baldwin.

"You know we are getting faster each time we go out so we are looking good for the race," says Didier. "But you have to remember that it isn't just the fastest car that wins - it helps to be the fastest but..."

Pole winner is Dyson Racing #16 Ford Riley & Scott with a fastest lap of 1:47.361.

Robinson Racing sits behind them in their #74 Judd Riley & Scott with the second fastest lap of 1:49.201. Doran/Lista Racing sits in the third position with a lap time of 1:50.090. The #3 Corvette with the Earnhardts at the wheel is in the fourth position with a lap time of 1:50.799.


Daytona Beach (February 2, 2001) - The stage is set for the Rolex. The rain let up enough to allow the rest of the pack set qualifying times for the 38th annual running of the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. Didier took the wheel of the car and bested his qualifying time from the previous day to 1:46.477 (down from 1:50). From the combined two qualifying sessions, the Doran/Lista Judd Crawford is starting in the eleventh position.

The starting line-up is #16, #74, #12, #37, #20, #38, #83, #4, #95, #8, and #27.

This is an endurance race so to start in the pole position or to start in the eleventh position has no bearing on the outcome of the race, says Didier Theys. The drivers, the crew, the car they all figure into it. We have 24 hours of racing. There is no one thing that can determine this. That is the fun the 24 Hour.

The newest Doran/Lista edition joined the team today - the brand new Judd engine was installed. Three Judd engines now call Doran/Lista home and the Rolex is the first race for the new Judd. The team diligently prepared the car most of the day, going over everything they may encounter in the race. New cars have to be tweaked more, said Ross Bentley.

The Drivers did the same. As they practiced their driver changes, Didier to Fredy, Fredy to Mauro, Mauro to Ross and Ross to Didier, the seriousness of the next day was pushed aside as Mauro took center stage. Ready, set, go, said the timer. A few seconds pass and Mauro says, Wait, wait, wait. I am not ready. The team busts out in laughter as Kevin yells, Stop the race! Mauros not ready! Everyone laughed and for a few moments, the grueling endurance race wasnt in everyones minds. Mauro laughs but soon his determined side takes over and clocks in the fastest driver change of this practice. Tomorrow we will do it that way, he laughs.

The car is as ready as it can be, said Kevin Doran. As ready as it can be for the Friday night before the race with 50 minutes until they kick us out. Fredy, Didier, Mauro and Ross are in great shape for the race. The team is anxious to see their hard work in action, so to speak. Its going to be tough. Dyson is running fast. Robinson is running fast. And Risi is running fast. It is going to be a good race as long as the traffic doesnt hold the faster cars back. The 24 Hours you never know though, do you?

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